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Dolly Parton ‘Definitely’ Sees Upcoming Novel, Companion Album ‘Run, Rose, Run’ Becoming a Movie

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Douglas Mason/WireImage)

Dolly Parton’s upcoming album has quite a unique premise. The forty-eighth solo studio album by the country music icon is titled Run, Rose, Run and is scheduled to be released this spring. Written and produced as a collaboration project with author James Patterson, the album tells the story of a young country singer and songwriter who is determined to do whatever it takes to survive and make it in the business.

It is an exciting mix of the written word and story-telling through music. And, as Dolly Parton tells The Hollywood Reporter, she wouldn’t be surprised if the next step for this exciting project would be turning the story into a movie.

“I think Run, Rose, Run will definitely be a movie at some point and if the movie does good, it would also make a great series, like The Fugitive, or one of those where the characters are running from something until the end,” Dolly Parton says of the project.

“Right now, we’ve got the book and the album coming out in March,” notes the country music superstar. “They’re going to be working my little country butt off to try and get all of this stuff promoted.”

As a result, the singer notes, the project is taking a lot of energy. As will a future movie born from the collaboration. But, she says, it’s something she is ready to commit to already.

“I’m going to need some cake for my energy,” quips Dolly Parton. “But yeah, we’re going to make a movie of it.”

Dolly Parton Is Ready For ‘Run, Rose, Run’ To Hit the Big Screen

According to Dolly Parton, both she and James Patterson are already in talks to make a movie from the project a reality.

“We’re already in talks with some writers to get that in the works, so [hopefully] in a couple of years we’ll have a movie,” she explains.

“And there’s a character in there that I’m going to get to play,” the star says. “So it’ll be a good movie for me.”

Of course, she also hopes her music will be featured in any Run, Rose, Run movie project.

“Hopefully, we’ll use some of those songs for a movie as well,” Dolly Parton says. However, the star notes, if they don’t use the music from her collab album in the film, she’s ready to add to the library.

“Or I might write a few new ones for that. I’m excited about it,” she says. “That was one of the best ways I could work with [Patterson] and contribute.”

Working Together To Create Something Magical

The collaboration began with Dolly Parton simply reading the book as Patterson created the story. From there, the star notes, the entire project was born.

“He would send me pages and I would read them, then write songs based on the characters and situations they were in,” Parton explains.

“Every few weeks we’d get together and kind of combine our parts,” the singer adds. “And it worked out really great.”

The singer adds that it was important for her to stay connected to Patterson’s characters when developing the album.

“I’ve got to stay in this book with these characters, so that’s how it worked out for us,” Parton says. “And it was great.”