Dolly Parton Shares ‘Monday Motivation’ About Returning to Work After Holidays in New Post

by Katie Maloney

If there’s anyone who can motivate us on a Monday morning after the holidays, it’s Dolly Parton.

When we’re all going through cookie withdrawal and reeling from the past month of holiday festivities, it can be difficult to get motivated for the first work week of the New Year. But never fret, Dolly Parton, is here to save the day with some Monday motivation!

Parton shared a photo of herself sporting a sleek business suit, bright red nail polish, and glamorous 80s hair. Along with the photo, Parton writes, “The holidays are over, y’all. It’s back to that 9 to 5.” 

Dolly Parton Demanded To Write Theme Song For 9 To 5

The film Parton is referring to in her post is her 1980 comedy, 9 to 5. The movie is an office comedy about three female secretaries who decide to get revenge on their sexist boss by abducting him and running the business themselves. The film grossed over $103.9 million making it one of the highest-grossing comedy films at the time. A television show of the same name based on the film ran for five seasons, and a musical version, with new songs written by Parton, opened on Broadway in 2009.

Parton had never acted in a film before when Jane Fonda asked her to co-star. Knowing it was a great career opportunity, Parton said that she had one demand before she accepted the role. “I said, ‘Well, this is a good opportunity, but I’ll only do it if I can write the theme song,'” said Parton.

The song topped the Hot Country Charts and the Hot 100 chart. “9 to 5” became the second song by a female artist to lead both charts. Additionally, the song won Best Country Song and Best Country Vocal Performance at the Grammys that year. 

If anyone’s accomplishments are going to motivate us to get work done this week, it’s Dolly Parton’s!

Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5.”