Dolly Parton Shares Willie Nelson’s Hilarious Response From When She Asked Him to Duet on Christmas Album

by Will Shepard

Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson are longtime friends. Parton and Nelson’s friendship began in the 1960s when the two were just entering the music industry. In an interview, she talks about asking him to sing with her on “Pretty Paper.”

The two music icons met in Nashville while they were working for the same publishing company. While working at the company, both Nelson and Parton were writing songs.

As Parton progressed along in her career, she began to ask some special people to join her singing on a Christmas Album. That album is “A Holly Dolly Christmas.” In particular, she made certain to ask that Nelson join her for one of the songs. Moreover, Parton wanted Nelson to help her sing “Pretty Paper.”

Nelson gives Parton a hilarious response to asking him to join her on the song.

“I could not do a Christmas album at this time without doing this song. Aw, hell, you think you gotta ask me that? Of course, I’m gonna sing a duet with you on it.”

Parton and Nelson sing a beautiful rendition of the song. Their voices mesh together exceptionally well on the song while still sounding like classic Nashville music. In part, this is due to Nelson’s exquisite work on the guitar, for which the singer is world-renowned.

Regardless, the cover of the song is uniquely Dolly Parton. The ability to sing with her unique twang serves to heighten the melody and delivery of the song Nelson wrote.

Parton Talks About Nelson’s Ability

The country music star talks about how much singing that song with Nelson means. The two create an amazing version that is still unparalleled in music to this day.

“Willie’s guitar is about as famous as his voice. It’s so funny that our voices blend so well together because they’re so different … When we’re together, it’s like, nobody sounds like that.”

“Pretty Paper” is often covered by country stars because it is such a popular country Christmas song. Parton says as much about the song.

“[Christmas is] about giving and caring and paying attention. It’s sad, but it’s beautifully done and beautifully written, and it’s very singable, too, and it just paints such a picture.”

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