Dolly Parton Strawberry Pretzel Pie Ice Cream Collaboration with Jeni’s Selling for Sky-High Prices on eBay

by Jon D. B.

If you went to grab yourself a pint of Jeni’s uber-limited Dolly Parton ice cream flavor, then you – like so many of her fans – may have been met with disappointment. Firstly, the Country Queen’s “Strawberry pretzel Pie” crashed Jeni’s website from demand alone. Then, any who traveled to one of the ice cream giant’s local stores to grab a pint (like this author’s wife), found most had sold out in a matter of minutes.

Through no fault of Parton’s own, Jeni’s chose to limit their supply of the landmark collaboration. And now, as a result, some rather conspicuous eBayers are looking to make a cool grand off the rare treat.

One seller in particular, PopCulture notes, is asking a full $1,000 for a single carton of the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. The eBay user, based in Pasadena, California is so generously, however, allowing fellow eBayers to “buy it now” instead of bidding. How generous, right?

But their “generosity” doesn’t stop there, either. The eBay seller says they will ship their pint of Dolly Parton’s ice cream directly to you for the “low, low cost” of $35. In addition, this user is claiming they will donate 80% of their proceeds to Parton’s Imagination Library. Which is, of course, the original intention of the extremely limited ice cream sales to begin with.

If this all sounds too ridiculous to be straightforward, however, that’s because it is. The CA-based user currently has zero feedback on eBay. In short: please don’t spend $1,000 on Dolly Parton’s ice cream via eBay. The chances of you receiving it – or Imagination Library getting any proceeds – are also approximately zero.

‘$1,000 for Ice Cream? Why Not!’

Said no one ever. The California seller isn’t alone, either. Another eBay seller in Mechanicsburg, Ohio also has theirs up for $1,000. Their shipping sits over $53, though. So… definitely go with the CA seller. Definitely.

Moreover, the limited-edition posters that Jeni’s gave out to customers on the day of are also flooding eBay. Each sells for a far more reasonable $25 to $35… Which is, honestly, a far better bet, as posters don’t melt on their way to you. Nor do they fetch a grand for scammers-I-mean-sellers.

Dolly Parton Ice Cream Flavor Limited to 10,000 Pints

As for the Jeni’s flavor itself, “Strawberry Pretzel Pie” received a run of about 10,000 pints. Considering the public outcry before and after their release, this seems like a paltry helping. Most of the pints were set aside for sale online, too. And we all know how well that worked out.

“We have been working around the clock so that we can confidently drop the flavor … but we aren’t there yet,” Jeni’s said the Friday after release.

“As promised, we’ll give 48-hour notice via email and social media before we release Strawberry Pretzel Pie, but we wanted to let you know that it won’t be this weekend. Thank you, again, for your patience!” the brand continued.

Needless to say, Dolly Parton fans the world over are still waiting for their ice cream. Just don’t go looking for it on eBay.