Dolly Parton is Trending on Twitter and Fans Are Hilariously Responding

by Clayton Edwards

Seeing a beloved celebrity trending on Twitter can be a cause for some fear. This is especially true if they’re trending without context. Dolly Parton fans from around the Twitterverse felt that fear when she started trending yesterday.

Dolly Parton is so much more than just a country music star. In fact, to some, that is the least of her accolades. She has been a bright light in times of darkness. This isn’t just true for the past year. Dolly has always taken it upon herself to step up when things get rough. When wildfires scorched East Tennessee, she donated tons of money to help the residents who found themselves homeless. At the same time, she heads a charity that sends free books to children all across the country.

Most recently, she donated a million dollars to vaccine research. Then, refused to get the shot early because she didn’t want to use her celebrity status to jump in line. Apparently, she was afraid she would take a dose that someone else sorely needed. In short, Dolly Parton is a national treasure. Losing her would be devastating for fans everywhere. Furthermore, East Tennessee might never recover from such a loss.

So, when people saw Dolly Parton trending on Twitter, they had to make sure she was okay.

Today, we can thank our lucky stars that Dolly Parton is alive and well. Many of her fans on Twitter are doing just that after they saw that she was trending. The fan response is pure comedy gold.

There are hundreds of tweets about Dolly Parton. However, this one really sums up the whole reaction.

This tweet has several replies. One of the best, though, comes from Twitter user WindaWester. It says, “Outa the way! Gotta make sure the Queen is okay!”

Another tweet says what many of Dolly Parton’s fans were thinking. We need context.

A few Twitter users, including Autumn Seybert, are out there doing the Lord’s work by informing the rest of us. She tweeted, “Dolly Parton is okay, everyone! I don’t know why she’s trending, but she is healthy, safe, and alive!” That’s good news to hear any day of the week.

So, why is Dolly Parton trending? Well, there are several reasons. For one, as of the end of June, Dolly’s Imagination Library has gifted over 161 million books to children across the country. The charity’s official Twitter account made the announcement on June 30th.

Then there is the fact that yesterday was Dolly the Sheep’s birthday. The sheep was the first cloned animal. She was born on July 5th of 1996. They took the DNA to clone the sheep from a mammary gland cell. So, they named her after Dolly Parton.

Finally, Dolly is a legend. People from all around the globe love her. So, there is constantly some chatter about her on Twitter. Really, it was just a perfect storm.