Dolly Parton Urges Fans to Support Independent Live Music Venues

by Charles Craighill

Over the past few weeks, Dolly Parton has started speaking up to support the live music industry that has suffered from the pandemic. In her latest video, Parton urges her fans to learn about saving the local music scene. Even places where she came up playing have closed their doors, sometimes for good.

“You know, going to live concerts isn’t an option right now,” Parton said in the video. “Many of the neighborhood venues like the places I got my first start are at risk of closing forever.”

The video is in support of the Save Our Stages initiative for the National Independent Venues Association. The live music industry and the bars and restaurants that depend on it have struggled as much as any other industry during this pandemic.

However, the NIVA and these businesses have found creative ways to stay afloat amidst the difficulties. That can only hold for so long.

As Dolly Parton mentioned in the video, many of the small independent can’t weather the storm anymore. With that said, many Americans have received their COVID-19 vaccinations so perhaps some regulations will allow these venues to open their doors again.

Even venues that Dolly Parton herself herself grew up playing are at risk. Hopefully, they can continue to navigate this difficult time in creative and inventive ways.

Dolly Parton and Barry Gibb Talk Live Music

Yesterday, Dolly Parton appeared with Barry Gibb in an interview on Loraine, and she was back at it supporting the small local venues. Parton has also donated a generous amount of money toward the creation and development of the COVID 19 development.

“I was just so happy to be part of that, to be part of it in any way,” Parton told Barry Gibb and Loraine Kelly. “I felt early on that we had to do whatever we could. So, I’m just happy that my little part has helped. And, I hope that we can get the vaccines out to everybody.

With the vaccine now approved and becoming more and more available in the coming months, she hopes we can all get back to going to shows.

“Then, one of these days soon, ‘when life is good again,’ we’ll be able to get out and do the concerts and get back on the road and do the things we want to do,” Parton continued. “And, it will come one day. We may have a rough spot here for a little while … maybe the vaccine will help a lot. I’m just happy to be a part of anything and everything that I can do to help.”