Dolly Parton Urges People To Be ‘Mindful’ of ‘How We’re Treating Our World’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for SXSW)

Dolly Parton is back with some words of wisdom. In a recent interview with National Geographic Travel, the country music superstar spoke about her hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee. She also spoke about what we can do to take care of our natural world. Parton’s hometown is located near the Great Smoky Mountains; she described the mountains as “one of those special places that God put here for us to enjoy.”

She continued, “When I come here it’s a feeling like nothing else. It has grown, as all things must. But the Smokies will never lose their charm and their magic.”

Parton also said how we need to be “mindful” about how we’re treating the planet if we want it to survive. Additionally, Parton has previously spoken openly about the Tennessee wildfires, and praised the firefighters involved.

Parton spoke about her wishes for the planet, stating, “My hope for the environment, for all things living and all things good, just nature in general, [is] that we should pay more attention to how we’re treating our mountains, how we’re treating our world, how we’re just treating everything,” she told National Geographic. “We’re just mistreating Mother Nature. That’s, like, being ugly to your mama, you know? That’s like being disrespectful, you know?”

Parton urged us all to “do better” and think of how we treat the Earth. She had some important words to say about how we can remedy our actions. “We should pay more attention – give more love and care to the planet,” she said, “we need to think more about the good things instead of ourselves and being our greedy thoughtful selves. We need to actually be more giving to Mother Nature and this planet and the good things. Because we’re not going to have it for long if we destroy it. We’re not going to get it back.”

Dolly Parton’s Old Home Being Used as Wedding Venue for Those Affected By Wildfires

Dolly Parton’s old home is now used as a wedding venue, known as Red Top Destinations and Events. The venue is offering their space for free to anyone whose wedding venue was destroyed by the wildfires near Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Parton’s parents bought that house in the early 1980s in Sevierville, Tennessee; after most of their 12 children grew up and moved out of their small Locust Ridge cabin. Current owner Mike Whitcomb has previously stated, “Everybody loves Dolly for a reason. It’s not by chance. [And] it’s not just her skills. It’s her humanity, her kindness, her beauty.” Whitcomb said that opening the home for free to anyone in need of a venue is “what Dolly would do.”

True, I think Dolly would want everyone to be able to have a special day. Especially if their previous plans were ruined by wildfire. She would probably also impart some wisdom on how we need to treat our planet better, as well. You could definitely count on Dolly to make a killer wedding speech about climate change.