Dolly Parton’s Advice to Her Seventh Grade Self is as Wholesome as You’d Expect

by Shelby Scott

Dolly Parton is beloved both in country music and worldwide for numerous reasons. However, a 2017 interview displayed her dedication to hard work and the wholesomeness with which she carries herself. It also demonstrated her dedication to giving.

“I dreamed of being here where I am,” Parton shared when asked what “baby Dolly” would think of her now. “I just wanted to be a star,” she shared and, “I got to live to see those dreams come true.” And with all that the country star has done to give back to people worldwide, and children specifically, Outsider is happy to see that Miss Parton’s dreams did in fact become reality.

The interviewer then asked, “What advice would you give your 7th-grade self?”

A popular question in contemporary society, Parton’s answer was just as wholesome and satisfying as you might expect.

Parton replied that “To Thine ownself be true,” was the greatest advice she could have ever received.

While the icon has definitely lived up to that saying, she also said, “If I could look back on my little self, I would just say ‘you better buckle up. Brace yourself. You’re in for the ride of your life.”

Although we can’t all be country legends and music superstars, I think that bit of advice could go for everyone. No matter which way life goes, it’s definitely important to brace yourself and look forward to the future with confidence.

Dolly Parton Has a Passion for Books and Learning

During the interview with Sheknows, Dolly Parton also revealed what her favorite book was growing up. In watching the video interview, she shared that her favorite was “The Little Engine That Could.”

While a little surprising at first, Parton made it make sense for me.

“That was one of the first books that I ever remember that made an impression on me,” she shared. “It also helped to build my confidence, too,” she stated. Even sweeter, Parton said “The Little Engine That Could” was the first book made accessible through the Imagination Library, proving the book’s influence over her.

“There’s a little engine inside of all of us that says we can do anything if we just won’t give up,” she concluded.

And Parton is far from giving up on anything. In addition to making books so accessible for children across America, creating new perfumes, and, of course, making country music, she has one other dream she shared this National Book Lovers Day.

In an August 9 Twitter post, the country icon shared a photo of herself surrounded by books. The caption reads, “The seeds of dreams are often found in books, and the seeds you help plant in your community can grow across the world.” She concluded her post with, “I dream of writing my own novel one day.”

With such talent and passion for reading and learning, we’re sure any Dolly Parton book would be a mega-hit.