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Dolly Parton’s Life Story Being Featured in New Comic Book

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Dolly Parton’s life story has been told many times in different ways. And, it should be. It’s a rags-to-riches story for the ages. The fact that the woman at the center of it is kind and generous, as well as a country music legend makes it even better.

Soon, Parton’s life story will be told in a way it never has been before – it’s going to be a comic book! The star has already conquered music, movies, television, and the Broadway stage, so why shouldn’t she conquer the comic book world too?

Comic books are a medium for superhero stories. And, Dolly Parton is definitely a superhero to many people, making a comic book a perfect fit for her story. According to PopCulture.com, Parton will be the focus of a new issue of “Female Force.”

Additionally, this comic book series shares the stories of strong women who have changed the world. Previous issues have also focused on former first lady Michelle Obama, Saint Mother Teresa, Gloria Steinem, and Cher.

Dolly Parton Comic Book Will Be Released March 31

“Female Force: Dolly Parton” will be issued by TidalWave Comics. It is set for release on March 31, so mark your calendars! The comic will be available in print and digital. Popculture.com shared this tweet from TidalWave.

“We’ve found a niche with our bio comics,” TidalWave publisher Darren G. Davis said. “There is a much wider audience for sequential storytelling than many have thought. These readers are simply looking for something other than superheroes.”

“Female Force: Dolly Parton” will be 22 pages in length. Its author is Michael Frizell. Fans of Dolly Parton will be familiar with the story it shares. Parton grew up poor in East Tennessee. She moved to Nashville and eventually joined The Porter Wagoner Show.

Parton left that show to focus on her own career and the rest is music history. She also began acting as well. And, Dolly Parton became a businesswoman and a humanitarian, according to Popculture.com.

While the story is familiar, the comic book will showcase Dolly Parton in a new medium. So, it definitely should be worth a read.

“Writing about Dolly was a joy,” Frizell said in a statement, via Reuters, according to PopCulture.com. “Her creativity, philanthropy and humanity are legendary.”

One of Parton’s most famous humanitarian efforts took place last year when she gave $1 million to create a COVID-19 vaccine. That money went to research at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Eventually, that research helped create Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. Fans recently breathed a sigh of relief when Parton got her dose of the vaccine.

Parton-Inspired Ice Cream Flavor Will Raise Money for Imagination Library

In addition to headlining a new comic book, Dolly Parton will also soon be an ice cream flavor.

According to reports, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is creating a new ice cream flavor inspired by the famous singer and songwriter. And to make things even better, the new flavor will raise funds for the Imagination Library.

When the new ice cream flavor will be released has not been announced.