Dollywood Will Pay 100% of College Tuition for All Employees

by Victoria Santiago

Dolly Parton’s theme park, Dollywood, has announced that they will begin paying college tuition for all of their employees (that want to go, of course). They’ll be covering 100% of all college costs, which includes all fees and the cost of textbooks. This amazing benefit will be available to all employees on their very first day of work. This tuition coverage will kick in at the end of the month, on February 24. It’s available for all seasonal, part-time, and full-time employees at Dollywood Parks & Resort.

This is just the latest wholesome improvement Dolly Parton has made for the lives of those around her. The iconic country music star has shown time and time again that she’s dedicated to her community. She often thinks up creative and inspiring ways to motivate her employees and communities. After all, they don’t call her Dollywood’s “Dreamer-In-Chief” for no reason.

Education Is One of Parton’s Key Values

The President of Dollywood Company, Eugene Naughton, said that Dollywood wants its employees to grow personally and professionally while they work at the theme park. Education is key in that growth process. As we know, Dolly has been very vocal about how important education and reading are to her. She’s instilled those values in many people, and even in her own theme park.

“One of The Dollywood Foundation’s key tenets is to ‘learn more,'” says Eugene Naughton. “This program is created with that very tenet in mind. We want our hosts to develop themselves through advanced learning to fulfill the foundation’s other tenets: care more, dream more, and be more.”

It’s great to see Dolly Parton support education on the college level. For years now, she’s been supporting kids through her foundation, called Imagination Library. Since 1995, the foundation has donated over 2 million books.

It Comes As No Surprise That Dollywood Is One of the Best Places to Work

For a theme park, Dollywood does amazing things for its employees. Forbes seems to think so, too. Dollywood was the only theme park to make their list of best mid-sized employers to work for. Overall, the theme park was ranked as #138, but achieved #6 in the “Travel & Leisure” category. There are certain criteria that a business has to meet in order to make the list. However, we can tell that Dollywood is great simply by the number of people that have stayed throughout the years. Even the Vice President of Human Resources, Tim Berry, started at the theme park when he was only in high school.

“It’s not just something we say; The Dollywood Company really is an amazing place to work,” Berry said. “We have hosts who have been here for 10, 20 and 30-plus years, like myself, because we love our culture and the opportunity to help our guests make memories with their families.”