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Don’t Fall Asleep at a Cody Jinks Concert, or Else He’ll Take a Picture With You

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Erika Goldring / Getty Images Contributor)

Look, we have all been there. You get ready for the Cody Jinks show, you have a few beers, he starts playing you have some more, and pass out. Well, scratch that, we definitely haven’t all been there, but for one fan that was the reality.

At his recent show at Harrah’s Cherokee Center in Ashville, NC, Jinks found a fan that had gone a little too hard and ended up sleeping where he sat. What he didn’t know was that the country artist was lurking around his section and got the perfect photo opportunity.

Just look at the photo below and see for yourself. This man was out cold.

“You should never fall asleep at one of my shows….you never know who might be walking around in your section 🤫🤘,” the post read. What an opportunity missed, or perhaps not.

When your beard and neck are the only things visible, you know that you are sleeping real good. His cowboy hat covered his face, and Cody Jinks leaned in for the great photo. The lack of a face in the photo made some fans in the replies a little bewildered. At first glance, it is hard to tell what is going on there.

The 41-year-old knows how to grab a great photo. One reply on the post said, “I was sitting in this section. This guy was the life of the party until he took a little nappy nap.” Ain’t that how it always goes?

Anyway, if you want to get a pic with Cody Jinks, just bring a designated sleep guy to the show with you. Just keep your eyes open.

Cody Jinks Has Big Fall Planned

This fall season is going to be a big season for Cody Jinks. Not just on the country music side, either. However, right now he is out on tour and hitting new venues almost nightly. When November comes around, that is when the tour gets underway in full force.

Jinks is going to be playing shows through the Midwest to begin things. He then has a slate of shows in Las Vegas before finishing things up in New Orleans in December. Fans are going to have a lot of options to catch the artist out on tour to end 2021.

That isn’t the only good news for fans. Cody Jinks has a new album coming out titled Mercy. Fans can preorder that album on his site. That will be another solo country album. However, Jinks’ metal band, Caned By Nod also has a new project coming out. Two albums, that’s right. Both are coming out on November 12 and will give fans plenty of tracks to listen to.