Dustin Lynch Discusses ‘Making Ends Meet’ for His Crew During the Pandemic

by Hannah Heser

Dustin Lynch recently revealed that he had to work hard to make ends meet for his crew during the pandemic. He noted how it was a difficult time for everyone and he’s trying to get that time back.

And today (Feb. 11), Lynch is celebrating the release of his fifth studio album, Blue in the Sky. The country singer hasn’t released any music for over a year. He shared the surprise announcement with his Twitter followers on January 19.

The country singer’s previous record included a few No. 1 hits and appeared in the Billboard Country Airplay Top 5. Hopefully, Blue in the Sky has an even better turnout!

The Country Singer Revealed How the Pandemic Affected His Job

While Dustin Lynch discussed the newly released album, he also touched on how the pandemic affected him, his crew, and everything else. With the music industry completely shutting down for a few months, many musicians struggled to make a living.

During the interview Fox News asked, “In the midst of the shutdown, what was something that you fell back on to really help you get through? Was it difficult or was it easier for you to enter into a creative groove?”

Lynch revealed that it was in fact, very difficult for him to manage. He mentioned that it was a huge change and he hasn’t experienced anything like that before.

“It was difficult for me, just because it was unlike any other time in my life that I’ve had where I was forced to stay at home,” Lynch admitted. “Since I was 15, I’ve been playing shows pretty regularly – obviously not at this level. But for 10 years at this level, I’ve been gone most of the year.

Then, the “Thinking Bout You” singer adds how his music helped him get through this hard time.

“And so to be kind of told to stay at home and not know what was going to go on, but also to have to try and make ends meet for all my employees, all my touring crew and band members, it was a high-stress time, but I found some peace and I found some, I guess, relief and an escape through my songwriting,” Lynch added.

Dustin Lynch Discusses the Release of the New Album

36-year-old Dustin Lynch also gave Fox News a few insights on the album. He told them it includes 12 tracks that starts with “Party Mode” and ends with “Not Every Cowboy.” He also revealed that one of his most popular singles, “Thinking Bout You” with Mackenzie Porter, is the second song on the new album.

Additionally, the singer-songwriter is taking these brand new songs out on the road this year. The Party Mode Tour begins on March 17 in New Braunfels, Texas and he wraps it up on May 15 in Avila Beach, California.