Dustin Lynch and Riley Green Love Hunting So Much They Wrote a Song About It

by Jonathan Howard

Dustin Lynch and Riley Green have teamed up to give folks the song of the hunting season with their new hit Huntin’ Land. It doesn’t take much to get two country guys going about deer season. These two just so happen to be country music stars.

Now, I’m more of a fishing guy than hunting, but even this song has me ready to wake up before dawn and get into the woods.

Many men have stayed with a woman for much pettier reasons than having some hunting land. This song is fun, about a great season, and it looks like Riley Green and Dustin Lynch had a great time doing it. The chorus is what caught my ear. I’m a sap for anything Kentucky so hearing the Bluegrass name-dropped perked my ears up.

A couple thousand acres up in Kentucky/Little slice of Heaven, out in God’s Country/Break her heat, lose the farm/Ain’t a part of my twelve-point plan/So I’ma bit the bullet, hold it together/Try to keep her happy, least till December/If I ain’t in the stand I’ll be holding her hand/’Cause her daddy’s got hunting land.”

That ain’t no joke, either. Kentucky land comes at a premium. There isn’t much better than what you can find in the central part of the state. I know plenty of folks that lease their ground to hunters from Florida to New York and even out west. They all are dying to come hunt on the fertile grounds of Kentucky.

October is here, the chill is setting in, the hoodies are coming out, and the bonfires are being lit. Hunting season is a great time of year. Riley Green and Dustin Lynch might have a hit on their hands. This is going to get a lot of play this Fall.

Riley Green Prepares for Big Fall Season

This song couldn’t come at a better time for Riley Green. While he is just featured in the song, it still speaks to the big season he has ahead of him. Not only is this new single out with Lynch, but he also has a big tour coming up in the states and then up to Canada.

He announced the tour at the end of September. It beings in November with a show in Athens, Georgia. He has a set of four shows to start off before taking the month of December off. Then things get started again in January of 2022. He has a string of shows through the winter. Following his tour, he is going to join up with Luke Combs.

Combs and Riley Green are going to hit up Canada through the month of March. They have a number of shows that have already sold out, so good luck getting a hold of those tickets.