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Dustin Lynch Shares Two Brand-New Songs, ‘Pasadena’ and ‘Not Every Cowboy’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Leah Puttkammer/Getty Images for BBR Music Group)

Dustin Lynch just dropped two new songs guaranteed to get you movin’. 

As his current single featuring MacKenzie Porter, “Thinking ‘Bout You,” continues to climb the charts, the unapologetically country tune “Not Every Cowboy” and “Pasadena” show off the cowboy’s softer side with haunting vocals and tender lyrics. 

In “Not Every Cowboy,” the narrator tries to convince his love interest that he’s not just a typical cowboy. He addresses all of the infamous traits of his kind, like loving and leaving, and reassures her that he’s not that kind of man. 

Produced by Zach Crowell, the love song was written by Casey Brown, Parker Welling, Conner Smith, and Heather Morgan. The emotional song reminds us all not to judge a book by its cover— or should we say a cowboy by his hat. 

With the inclusion of gentle fiddles, tender vocals, and a profoundly romantic plea, Dustin Lynch will undoubtedly capture your heart about a cowboy’s fierce devotion to breaking the cowboy mold. 

Dustin Lynch Gives Fans a Double Dose of Country With Two New Songs

The track features gentle fiddles, stripped-down acoustic guitars, and a believability that is unmistakable. You can almost see the conversation happening as you listen. 

Zach Crowell also produced the second song, “Pasadena.” Like many well-written country tunes, it’s a nostalgic take that tells a story of a love lost, yet the narrator can still see it in the distance. 

The changing choruses help the story evolve through a weekend to the present day, where the narrator wonders if she still thinks of him and Pasadena. Dustin Lynch wrote the bittersweet song alongside Jeff Hyde and Ryan Tyndall.

“I would say that the [new] material shines light on a part of my life and my lifestyle that I haven’t really [explored before],” Lynch said during a Zoom event in April.

The Tennessee native’s last album release was 2020’s Tullahoma. As for a new album, he’s been working towards the goal but added that he’s unsure when it will be ready to release.

“I don’t know if we’ll get an album completed for this year. That is a goal of mine. I would love it, and I think we’re getting closer, but as you guys know, I don’t like to put the bow on top until it’s perfect,” Lynch stated. “I’m working toward that goal, and I guess we’ll have a crumb trail leading to it ’til then.”

Currently, there is no official news about a follow-up to Tullahoma. Dustin Lynch originally conceived his 2020 album as a concept about a small-town boy on a journey to find love. 

“It was kind of filtered through [his] ears in his truck and the eyes and what he was doing and what he was playing and seeing,” he told Rolling Stone at the time.