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Dwayne Johnson Wants To Do an Outlaw Country Collab With Jamey Johnson

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Dwayne Johnson might be the most versatile celebrity on the planet. He rose to fame with his pro wrestling career. Before he left the ring, he was one of the most beloved champions to ever step in the squared circle. Catchphrases like “Know your role,” and “Do you smell what The Rock is cookin’?” remain iconic all these years later. Then, he transitioned to Hollywood.

There, he showed himself to be a real talent in front of the camera as well as in the voice-over booth. His performance in Disney’s Moana was pitch-perfect, even if every parent in the country had “You’re Welcome” stuck in their heads for months on end. That little ditty was just the tip of The Rock’s musical iceberg. Not long ago, Johnson made his rap debut with Kansas City, Missouri-based rapper Tech N9ne and his Strange Music team. The Rock is far from done with music.

As a matter of fact, recording “Face Off” with the Strange crew lit a fire in Dwayne Johnson’s heart. Recently, he sat down with Billboard to discuss his hip-hop debut. During that conversation, Johnson touched on his connection to the music business and his desire to team up with one of his pals in the country music realm to cut an outlaw country song.

Dwayne Johnson Is Coming for Outlaw Country

Dwayne Johnson told Billboard that he has several friends in the music business. Over the years, they’ve all hit him up to collaborate on songs. However, he never committed to doing anything serious. At one point, he joined Wyclef Jean for “It Doesn’t Matter” but he just dropped some catchphrases, talked some trash. His collab with Tech N9ne has him wanting to get out there and make some more music.

“My love for hip-hop goes back to day one, and I love traditional and outlaw country music,” Dwayne Johnson told the publication. “I may collaborate with some artists in that genre as well. Some of those guys are my friends – like, for example, Jamey Johnson, Mickey Lamantia, Gethen Jenkins. There’s a real authenticity there… Maybe I could pick up my guitar.”

For Dwayne Johnson, authenticity is key. When talking about any future collaborations, he said, “It just has to feel right, to feel real, where we can really dig in on something that’s authentic and from the gut. But just as important is delivering something for the people that they would just love and go hopefully crazy over.”

Could you imagine The Rock and Jamey Johnson on a track together? They both have great, deep, and expressive voices. Additionally, Jamey Johnson is one hell of a songwriter. On the other hand, Jamey performs a long list of covers at his shows. So, maybe we could see Jamey and Dwayne Johnson covering an old Hank Sr. song. The possibilities are endless. Whatever comes out of it, we’re more than ready.