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Dylan Scott Invites His 4-Year-Old on Stage for an Adorable Performance

by Jacklyn Krol
Terry Wyatt, Getty Images

Dylan Scott has a new duet partner in the form of his young son.

His little mini-me is the spitting image of his famous father. On March 19, Scott posted a video of his son reacting to a video of him performing at one of his father’s concerts. He took the guitar and an epic confident stance and played for the large crowd during “Nothing to Do Town.”

In the second video, the little sweetie smiled as he watched himself perform and threw up the rock n roll sign. Both Dylan Scott and Beckett were wearing their baseball caps backward. Like father, like son, and soon he will be selling out his own venues!

“Beckett a dang ROCKSTAR! SHEEESH!” he captioned the post. This isn’t the first time that the two have collaborated in music. Over the course of the pandemic, the pair have put on Facebook livestream concerts together.

Watch the sweet moment, below:

Dylan Scott and His Family Life

Dylan Scott and his wife Blair welcomed their firstborn, Beckett Scott Robinson, on December 12, 2017.

“We got him a little piano for his birthday, and I’m not kidding, the kid can already hold a tune,” Scott gushed to People per Yahoo. “He loves music and singing.”

The couple welcomed their second child, daughter Finley Gray on August 28. He has adjusted to life as a big brother.

“Oh, he loves her so much,” he added. “He always kisses her on the forehead. I’ll see him do it and I’ll be like, ‘Where did you learn that from?’ There has been no jealousy whatsoever. He just loves his little sister.”

At the time, his first daughter was learning how to grow and complete the milestone moments of an infant.

“My daughter is 4 months old now and she’s been in that infant stage where they just pretty much sleep,” he recalled. “But she’s beginning to follow me with her eyes as I walk around the room, you know? She smiles and I just love it. It’s probably super early to assume she’s going to be daddy’s little girl, but yeah, she’s going to be daddy’s little girl. She’s got me wrapped around her tiny little finger, that’s for sure.”

Dylan Scott said that being a father is “the coolest thing in the world.”

“It’s so cool to see a human you created grow up,” he continued. “It’s just cool to know that I am their dad.”