Eagles Tribute Glenn Frey in His Hometown of Detroit

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Andrew Goodman/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night)

Legendary rock music band the Eagles paid tribute to late band member Glenn Frey in his hometown of Detroit. It was during a concert there. The group made a stop on their Hotel California Tour on Thursday night at Little Caesars Arena. It was a bittersweet moment for the Eagles as Frey died in January 2016. But his memory and his music both remain alive as band members honored him

Eagles Offer Heartfelt Tribute To Glenn Frey at Detroit Concert on Thursday Night

Don Henley, who started the Eagles with Glenn Frey back in 1971, addresses the crowd. He says: “It’s always a little bittersweet to come play here, but we are forever connected with you. We miss our founder, but his legacy is going to live on in every song we play for you.” Before the show’s final song, “Best of My Love,” he says, “Back in 1974, Glenn and J.D. Souther started writing this next song and were kind enough to bring me in on it. I want you to sing along. I’m gonna sing this for Glenn.”

Guitarist Joe Walsh plays his smash hit “Life’s Been Good” as a tribute to Frey. The late musician was raised in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak. The concert marks the Eagles’ third time in Detroit after Frey died. It’s also the first time that Glenn’s son Deacon was not with the band. He’s off the tour for what are undisclosed medical issues. Vince Gill, who also made quite a name for himself in the country music circles, vocalizes on a few songs, too.

Group Also Honors Another Detroit Legend in Bob Seger Who Helped Write Hit Song

The band also paid tribute to another Detroit music legend, Bob Seger. The Eagles did finish their main set with “Heartache Tonight.” Henley said, “I want to thank Bob Seger, who helped us write that song.” Now, this tour that the Eagles are on takes its name from the hit record of the same name.

Of course, the band also has other hit songs like “One of These Nights,” “Desperado,” and “Seven Bridges Road.” What about “Heartache Tonight,” though? There’s a great story about that from Souther and Ultimate Classic Rock.

“Glenn and I were sitting at my house listening to some Sam Cooke songs one day…walking around my swimming pool,” Souther said. He adds that he and Frey were just “smoking and snapping our fingers, and we just sang that first verse — no instrument.” What happened then? They wrote the first two verses. He said to Frey, “Damn, I think we have something here that’s pretty good.” Souther said Frey had Seger on the phone, played the song, and Seger came up with the chorus.