Eddie Montgomery Is Letting ‘Hurt’ of Troy Gentry’s Death Come Through in New Music

by Taylor Cunningham

Eddie Montgomery understands tragedies far too well. Throughout his 58 years, he has survived cancer, multiple divorces, and the deaths of two sons. Then in 2017, the country singer lost his longtime bandmate and friend, Troy Gentry, in a helicopter crash.

And in an interview with PEOPLE, Montgomery said that he uses music to cope with his pain.

And his most recent single, My Son, ended up serving as an emotional release for the Grammy-nominated singer. During his interview, he admitted that penning the single helped him deal with the trauma that he has “been carrying around for a long time.”

“A lot of us love people and we try to keep our private life our private life, but when you are hurting a bit, that hurt can come through a pencil — and that’s when you know you got to let it out. So that’s what I did.”

My Son was written for the 2021 western Old Henry. In the movie, a farmer and his son protect a mysterious man with a bag of cash from a band of outlaws. When Montgomery decided to write a piece for the film, he watched the trailer. And the onscreen family reminded the country singer of his own childhood because Montgomery’s father was a hero too.

“We grew up on a farm and we cut, raised, and housed tobacco and worked in the hay fields. And I’m going to be honest with you…I couldn’t wait to get off that farm. We were raised very poor, but we had music. We played music at night. But then as we got older, we couldn’t wait to get back on the farm. It’s the funniest thing, man. As you get older, you go back to what you were raised on.”

Eddie Montgomery’s Solo Career is Helping The Singer Heal From Years of Pain

Eddie Montgomery told PEOPLE that he got a little heavenly inspiration from his sons and Troy “T-Roy” Gentry when he was working on My Son’s lyrics with Noah Gordan. And feeling their presence has helped the singer sort through years of trauma. And because of that, he holds the single close to his heart.

“I’m not going to lie to you…I think my sons and T-Roy helped me write this song,” Montgomery said. “They helped me get down to the heart of it, which then went right through my arm and into my hands. It’s a song that’s very dear to me.”

The single will be available on Old Henry’s official soundtrack and Eddie Montgomery’s debut solo album entitled Ain’t No Closing Me Down, which drops on Oct. 29. And according to Montgomery, the album was just as cathartic as his new single. In fact, he credits his people in heaven for the entire record.

“I still think my sons and T-Roy helped me write this album. They’ve made me who I am. I also want to thank the man upstairs, because He gave me the voice to do it, I guess because I still think I can’t sing worth a crap.”