Eddie Montgomery Releases First Song, ‘Alive and Well,’ Since Death of Troy Gentry

by Jennifer Shea
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Eddie Montgomery knows a thing or two about loss. The country star has released the first single of his solo career following the death of his Montgomery Gentry partner, Troy Gentry.

The single, “Alive and Well,” is an ode to survival and to gratitude, Taste of Country reports. It was written by Montgomery along with Ira Dean and Chris Wallin.

“This was a hard song to write, but it’s one that I thought so many could relate to,” Montgomery said in a press release. “We’ve all had losses, fought the good fight, and rose to celebrate a new day. I hope friends and fans take away a renewed sense of gratefulness for the life they live when they hear this song.”

Eddie Montgomery Has Had a Rough Few Years

In 2010, Montgomery had to announce that he had prostate cancer. And his then-wife, Tracy, left him soon afterward. Then, in 2014, Montgomery married his longtime girlfriend. But a tornado hit his home a few days after that.

In 2015, Montgomery’s son Hunter died at age 19 after what Montgomery said was a tragic accident in his home state of Kentucky, per People. Hunter was taken off life support at a Kentucky hospital that September.

Then, in 2017, Gentry, Montgomery’s partner and best friend, died in a helicopter crash in New Jersey. He had been set to play a concert with Montgomery that night at the Flying W Airport in Medford, New Jersey.

Montgomery and Gentry had signed with Columbia Records in 1998 and went on to land at the top of Billboard Country charts with their first single, “Hillbilly Shoes.” Over the years, they would release a total of 16 Top 10 Hot Country songs together. And they sold over 6 million albums in the U.S., including 2002’s My Town, which sold over 1 million copies.

In 2009, Montgomery and Gentry were invited to become members of the Grand Ole Opry.

‘Alive and Well’ Tells of Resilience After Heartbreak

Meanwhile, Eddie Montgomery’s new song tells the tale of a hard-living narrator who has a case of survivor’s guilt. He’s lost two sons and his best friend, but he has no choice but to keep going. Moreover, he knows in his heart that’s what they’d want him to do.

“I’m alive and well,” the chorus goes. “Somewhere, somehow. Oh, I survived myself. I’m still here until I’m gone. I just keep on keepin’ on. Livin’ out my song. I’m alive and well.”

In the end, the narrator carries with him the memory of those he’s lost, and through him, they live on. Ultimately, it’s a triumphant ode to survival that Montgomery clearly has lived himself.

So you can listen to the song here: