Eddie Montgomery Remembers Late Bandmate Troy Gentry With Moving Post on 4th Anniversary of His Tragic Passing

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Ethan Miller/ACMA/Getty Images for ACMA)

On Wednesday (September 8th) Eddie Montgomery of the country duo band Montgomery Gentry took to his Twitter account to share a moving post on the fourth anniversary of the death of his late bandmate, Troy Gentry. 

“My brother forever. Miss you T-Roy!” Eddie Montgomery shared in the post, which features a snapshot of him and Gentry on a beach. 

As previously reported, Gentry was tragically killed in a plane crash on September 8, 2017. According to the Tennessean, the National Transportation Safety Board declared pilot error was to blame for the crash. Prior to the crash, the pilot reported that he was unable to control engine RPM with throttle inputs. Eddie Montgomery was waiting at the airport for Gentry’s plane to arrive when the crash happened.

The report further revealed, “The pilot’s early entry into and failure to maintain rotor rpm during a forced landing autorotation after performing an engine shutdown in flight, which resulted in an uncontrolled descent.”

The Board’s report also noted that contributing to the accident was the failure of maintenance personnel to properly rig the throttle control tie-rod assembly.

Eddie Montgomery Opens Up About Gentry’s Passing

During a 2018 interview with Taste of Country, Eddie Montgomery opened up about the passing of his friend and bandmate. “I had a lot of sleepless nights. And then I remembered a conversation that me and T-Roy had a long time ago. Of course, we put this duo together. Nashville didn’t.”

Eddie Montgomery also spoke about how he decided to get his crew back together after Gentry’s death. “I called the band up. I was like, ‘You know what? T-Roy would kick my ass if we didn’t keep it rocking right now.’”

The singer then admitted that September 8th changed his world and a lot of people’s world, but he was lucky to have a support system in the country music world. “I gotta thank Dierks and the Flatts boys big time,” Eddie Montgomery said. “Because I tell ya what. If I’d have had to sing that whole song [at the November 8th CMA Awards] I don’t think I could’ve done it.”

Montgomery goes on to add that the situation still blew his mind months later. “We were all there and it just… it wasn’t good. Your whole world is just… it changes. Everything. And there’s not a day that I don’t see it or it goes through my heart.”

Eddie Montgomery Releases First Solo ‘Alive and Well’ Days Before the Fourth Anniversary of Gentry’s Death

At the end of August, Eddie Montgomery released his first solo single “Alive and Well.” The country singer co-penned the song with Chris Wallin and Ira Dean. The song references losing two sons and a best friend.  Montgomery revealed in a statement about the single, “This was a hard song to write, but it’s one that I thought so many could relate to.”