Eddie Vedder and NASA Team Up for Music Video in Support of Artemis 1 Moon Mission

by Matthew Memrick
(NASA/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder got together with NASA for a music video to support the upcoming Artemis 1 moon mission.

Vedder’s “Invincible” is an instant soundtrack song for the mission.

NASA mixed Vedder’s live performance video with footage of the rocket’s real-life and computer-generated footage. Ultimate Classic Rock reported on the video.

NASA officials anticipate the moon mission will happen before May. The space agency’s plan will have humans back on the moon by 2025. Additional projects involve landing a human crew on Mars and space travel beyond the planet into space.

NASA Gets Into Details Of Trip

The space agency said the space launch system rocket and Orion space ship are “the only human-rated spacecraft in the world capable of deep-space travel.”

The billion-dollar rocket will leave Earth from NASA Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Pad 39B.

NASA has big plans for future Artemis missions, bringing “the first woman and the first person of color to the moon.” The missions aim to pave “the way for a long-term lunar presence” and establish the satellite as a “stepping stone” for future Mars trips.

The Eddie Vedder NASA moon video also shows other prelaunch tests, launch animations, the rocket’s orbit, and final return to Earth.

The 322-foot rocket will have a fueling test and April 3 countdown in the coming weeks. Earlier this month, a NASA official estimated each Artemis launch will cost $4.1 billion. An earlier estimate from 2012 pitted that amount at only $500 per mission. 

The Orion capsule will carry a flash drive as a particular part of the mission. Space fans can get their name on it for the historic flight. Go here for the link

Vedder Song Part Of Recent Solo Album

The Eddie Vedder NASA moon video comes off his recent “Earthling” album. He wrote it with Andrew Watt, and the song is the first on the album.

Vedder’s band had a brief February tour to support the album release. “Red Hot Chili Peppers” stars Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer toured with Vedder. Aussie guitarist/Jane’s Addiction star Chris Chaney and California breed performer/band producer Watt also comprised the band. 

Don’t fear, Pearl Jam fans. The band comes back together for a tour starting in May. They’ll support their 2020 “Gigaon” album. European dates will take place in June and July.

Vedder’s solo project was his first since the 2007 Golden Globe-winning soundtrack called “Into The Wild.” Notably, he toured with his second solo effort called “Ukulele Songs,” which resulted in a live DVD called “Water on the Road.”

Vedder Got Bad Case of COVID

The singer recalled his COVID-19 experience and told fans it was “pretty serious” in February.

Vedder said he “saw (his) life flash before his eyes” when he got it before the band had practice sessions