Eric Church Admits Why He Won’t Ever Make an Album Like ‘Heart & Soul’ Again

by Katie Maloney

Eric Church poured everything he had into his new album. Here’s why he wouldn’t do it again.

Church recently announced that he’ll be releasing a new collection, Heart & Soul, in April. Heart & Soul is a three-part album consisting of 24 songs that Church will release throughout April this year. The first part, Heart, includes nine songs and will be released on April 16. Church will release the next six songs, titled &, on April 20, and the final nine songs, Soul, on April 23.

The album consists of some pretty incredible songs including the single, “Hell of a View.” However, Church says that the way he created the album wasn’t exactly the best move for his mental health. Church wrote all 24 songs on the album along with producer Jay Joyce and other contributing musicians. They finished writing the entire album in only 28 days. Church and the songwriting team escaped to the Blue Ridge Mountain town of Banner Elk, N.C., to write without distractions. So, would Eric Church create another album that way?

“Probably not,” said Church during an interview. “I got as far out as I can get, from a mental health standpoint. I was writing all day, not sleeping at night … I couldn’t shut it down at all.”

Church said that the entire experience was completely different from his previous creative endeavors.

“It was creatively like nothing I’d ever been through,” he said. “It was a boot camp. And, as a fan, you get to look at this and go, ‘Hey, here’s 28 days. Here’s what those 28 days look like.'”

“Hell of a View” by Eric Church

Fans Weren’t Supposed To Know About Eric Church’s New Album

Fans are ecstatic about Church’s new album. However, they weren’t supposed to know about it yet. Before Church had the chance to announce the album, fans hacked his website and broke the news. Fans hacked his site looking for information on his latest single. However, they discovered much more. Before long news of Church’s new album was trending. He may not have been able to announce the album himself but Church said that he’s not mad about the hacking.

“We ended up getting hacked, which is pretty awesome when you think about it,” said Church during an interview. “They ended up breaking the news, which is hilarious to me. It was one of those weird deals. But I love the passion.”

Regardless of who released the news, we’re happy to hear that we’re getting new Eric Church music in just a few months.