Eric Church Brings Out Morgan Wallen for Surprise Set at Justin Timberlake’s Nashville Bar

by Taylor Cunningham

Nashville’s world-famous Broadway Street is lined with celebrity-owned honky-tonks and bars. And this week, Justin Timberlake added one more when he opened his swanky bar called The Twelve Thirty Club.

On Saturday, Timberlake celebrated his new venture with a star-studded opening party. Some of the biggest names of Music Row graced the stage for a crowd of VIPs, and just when everyone thought the show was over, Eric Church and another star grabbed the microphone for a surprise encore.

When you spend a weekend in Nashville, TN, you never know who you’re going to run into. Sometimes the city has more celebrity spottings than Hollywood or New York City. And if you’re hanging out on Broadway, there’s always a chance you could witness a country megastar jump on stage for a surprise concert. And that’s just what happened yesterday for a crowd at Justin Timberlake’s Twelve Thirty Club.

Timberlake’s guests already had the time of their lives watching Jake Owen, Jessie James Decker, Jon Pardi, Chase Rice, Kid Rock, Eric Church, and Zac Brown perform a mini-concert. But just when they thought their night was over, they heard another familiar voice fill the room.

As the crowd started to leave for the night, Morgan Wallen and Eric Church began playing a surprise acoustic set.

“This is just one of my favorite songs I’ve ever got the pleasure to sing,” Wallen told the shocked country fans before singing Sand in My Boots. Wallen’s friend Eric Church played the guitar and lent his voice to the chorus.

One song turned into a few after Wallen asked for a drink, and a fan passed him a shot. The two struggled a bit without the help of a sound tech. But the crowd loved the impromptu set just the same.

Eric Church Said Making the Set List For His Current Tour Has Been ‘The Hardest Thing’ in His Career

Eric Church took a break from his Gather Again tour to headline at Justin Timberlake’s grand opening party. And it may have been a welcomed distraction because the tour has been a challenge for the country star.

Church is the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year—and for good reason. His live shows are always brimming with originality. Church is performing his current tour in 360, and every single show has a different setlist. That’s a lot of work, considering he has 55 planned concert stops. And in a Twitter video, the Carolina singer admitted that “it is maddening.”

 “The hardest thing I’ve done thus far in my career is this setlist. So you have 28 songs…it’s not a normal record, it’s three,” he said. “When you start to try to get rid of stuff and change it every night which I’m committed to. We’re still gonna play a different set. We’re going to give people different experiences.”