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Eric Church Collaborator Talks Bonding With Music Icon Over Fishing

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for America Salutes You)

It isn’t often that you get to hear the details behind big collaborations. Chris Janson and Eric Church went fishing before recording. It really is one of the best ways to bond and get to know someone.

What You Need to Know

  • Chris Janson’s new album ‘All In’ has Eric Church and Travis Tritt duets
  • Janson and Church performed in May 2021 at the Grand Ole Opry with ZZ Top and Tritt
  • The two took a fishing trip to get things started

There are times when things just seem to line up and a door opens for you. And, I’m sure for Chris Janson, his Grand Ole Opry appearance with Eric Church, Travis Tritt, and ZZ Top was one of those moments. For the country singer, this was a moment to make connections with iconic musicians. And it all happened just last May.

Janson and Church were familiar with one another. And, while they were backstage, it was the Chief himself that offered to get together sometime outside of work. Janson recalled the story to Taste of Country.

“We’re backstage standing there, and me and Eric started striking up a conversation. He was like, ‘Man we need to get together sometime. Let’s go fishing.’ I’m thinking, ‘Hell yeah, that’d be awesome.'”

While it was a great gesture, Janson wasn’t convinced it would ever happen. They traded numbers, said they would try to get it done, and then went their separate ways. That is, until about a week later, he got a message from Church inviting him out.

“We just fished like buddies would,” Janson remembered. “We got to know each other, had great talks and I’ll tell ya, I gotta tip my hat to him, man. He has become a great mentor and friend of mine, and a great advocate in my corner, giving me great advice.”

Just a couple of buddies… nothing big, just Eric Church, fishing, and killing time.

Eric Church Likes Fishing with Country Music Friends

Now, it isn’t just Chris Janson that Eric Chruch goes fishing with. The Chief is all about casting a line and enjoying some time on the banks of a pond, river, or lake. There are a few artists that have been taken under Church’s wing in recent years. And none are more popular than Morgan Wallen.

It was just last spring, in April 2021, when Wallen and Church broke out the rods and reels. They look like they were caught trying to fish on a golf course in the water hazard. Although it looks a little dubious, it entertained a bunch of fans, that’s for sure.

Any time Eric Church goes fishing with another artist, I’m sure that it’s a good time. Church has taken Wallen in over the last year or so. Since the young singer’s controversies caused him to stop touring and playing music. However, CHurch helped guide him through it. Now the two share the stage any chance they get.