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Eric Church Drops ‘&’ Album Exclusively to Church Choir Fan Club Members

by Chris Haney
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM

If you’re part of country superstar Eric Church’s fan club, consider yourself blessed. Today, you’re part of a group who has exclusive access to his newest album &.

Church’s newest release, Heart & Soul, is a triple album coming out separately on three different dates. Heart, the first of three albums, was released on Friday. Now, on Tuesday, Church Choir members are lucky enough to have exclusive access to his second album & (pronounced ‘ampersand’).

The country singer’s fan club members will have the option to purchase a special edition white-colored vinyl record of &. In addition, only the Church Choir will have access to stream the second of Church’s three new albums.

However, don’t get too disappointed if you’re not in the Church Choir fan club. You can still join the club to receive access to the album. Furthermore, new music is on the way soon. Church’s third new album, Soul, will release in three days on Friday, April 23, which will be available to all.

Within one full week, Eric Church is treating his fans to a plethora of new music with his three-album release. Heart is the rock-inspired first of three albums. We’ve seen Church venture into the realm of rock on numerous occasions. Additionally, Soul is inspired by the sounds of Muscle Shoals and Motown. Fans may be in for a surprise with those classic influences.

For those interested in joining the Church Choir, here are some more details. A 12-month membership costs $35 but comes with numerous perks. Per Church’s official website:

  • Up to $13 off your choice of any album from Eric’s catalog (CD, vinyl, or digital).
  • Opportunity for pre-sales.
  • Chances for meet and greet.
  • Church Choir parties.
  • Access to special content.
  • Church Choir exclusive merchandise.
  • Online Church Choir Community.

Eric Church’s Record Label Didn’t Exactly Love Idea of Fan Club Only Album

As Eric Church geared up to release Heart & Soul, many in the record industry were left stunned by the musician’s plans for a fan club-only album. None more so than his own UMG Nashville record label.

Church’s longtime manager John Peets explained that he loved the singer’s idea of a triple album. Yet he admitted that if Church completed the sessions with no record or even just one, they could lose tons of money on the project.

“If he walks out of the situation with no record or one record, it’d be the most expensive record known in country music, probably,” Peets told Billboard.

His management also said that UMG Nashville “completely understood the mission” for the trio of albums. But they “didn’t love the idea” of Church reserving an entire album exclusively for the Church Choir. That’s something that the country singer has faced before from the music industry. However, he continues to follow his own instincts, which have served him well considering he’s racked up numerous awards and chart-topping songs and albums.

“There are a lot of people [who just want] to put something out that’s going to go to No. 1 every time. And that’s fine,” Eric Church said to Billboard. “That’s just not my goal. I’m trying to push the narrative a bit for the whole industry, for the whole format.”