Eric Church Drops New Single ‘Heart on Fire’ From Upcoming Triple Album

by Clayton Edwards

If you’re looking for new music to kick your weekend off right, Eric Church has you covered. The Rayban-sporting country music star just dropped the latest single from his upcoming triple album project. “Heart on Fire” is a rocking track that will get your foot tapping and your heart pumping.

Heart & Soul,” the upcoming triple album from Eric Church drops in April. However, Church has been teasing us with track after killer track for the last few months. Until very recently, fans wondered how Church would release all of the new tracks. The air was thick with speculation. Now that we know, we get more and more excited for the release date with every single that drops. After hearing “Heart on Fire,” April can’t come soon enough.

Eric Church truly shines on rocking tracks like this one. It is in the same vein as the 2018 hit “Desperate Man,” in which Church expertly blends influences of country music and Rolling Stones-flavored classic rock.

“Heart on Fire” is one of only two tracks on the album written only by Eric Church. Like the rest of the tracks on the project, this one comes out of that month-long writing session from January of 2020. Most of the tracks were a collaborative effort from start to finish.

It’s a fiery love song full of passion and a killer chord progression. With lyrics like, “A turned up radio but the static was heavy/ Couldn’t make out any words but ‘take me to the levy’ / That look on your face was full of wild desire/ I’m soakin’ my soul in gas and settin’ my heart on fire,” it’s guaranteed to set the mood for your Friday night.

Eric Church’s Triple Album

Eric Church’s triple album will drop over a two-week span in April. The first of the trilogy to drop will be “Heart,” on April 16th. “Soul,” will hit shelves and streaming services on the 23rd. The other portion of the release, titled, “&” will drop on April 20th. That one will only be available in vinyl. It will also only be available to Church Choir members.

“Heart” kicks off with this latest single. We have heard a couple of other songs from the album already. Both “Crazyland,” and “Stick That In Your Country Song,” are on the first installment of Eric Church’s opus.

You can do more than listen to a new song from the triple album today. Pre-orders for the whole shebang open today as well.