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Eric Church Forced to Postpone Lake Tahoe Concerts Due to Western Wildfires

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Rock the South Festival)

Eric Church unfortunately joins the growing list of touring musicians who have had to either cancel or postpone certain stops along their tour. This is due to the wildfires engulfing the West. Most recently, Dierks Bentley also rescheduled his Tahoe dates.

Between the untamable fires and now chipmunks infected with the plague, there’s no telling when things will be safe enough to host a concert in the area. This comes as another blow to the music industry which has grappled to stay afloat in the midst of the pandemic.

Church’s tour was scheduled to make an appearance at the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey’s, but the announcement of the schedule change came from the venue itself. Luckily, fans who held tickets will be able to use those same tickets at the newly scheduled shows next year on August 27th and 28th of 2022.

Eric Church and his team have not made any public statements surrounding the changes yet.

Eric Church’s “Heart is On Fire”

In a twist of irony, one of Eric Church’s latest songs is all about fire– a heart on fire to be more specific. The song explores the story of a couple and their seemingly perfect day, while the undertones point towards regret.

There are so many layers of passion, the main character feels like the girl next to him in the truck has “poured gasoline on him and set his heart on fire.” Church wrote the song during a month-long songwriting retreat in North Carolina. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Church gave hefty details about the song’s process:

“So, ‘Heart On Fire’ was the first song we recorded when we got to North Carolina. I already had pretty much…wrote this song by myself, but I already had this song on the rails and we were heading down the path of what this was going to be. I thought we needed to kind of break the ice and get started on something, you know, we were doing something that was tough to do – writing the song the same day we were recording it. This was the song that was kind of the icebreaker for the whole project, and I credit this song a lot for getting us to where we ended up getting to with the project.”

How Did We End Up Here?

Earlier this year, Eric Church joined Tom Scott’s “Podcast Express” as a guest to talk about how he “honors his craft” and how he ended up where he’s at today. He remembers his first concert without a chaperone, AC/DC, and how it gave him the touring bug early on.

Church also talks about having to work his way up through the ranks in the music industry. He says there are no short-cuts and if you don’t put in the work at the beginning, you’ll come to regret it.

You can listen to their 39-minute conversation here.