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Eric Church Reveals He ‘Forgot’ Songs on New Albums, Got to Listen to Tracks ‘Almost as a Fan’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Rock the South Festival

Country music star Eric Church took a unique approach to the recording of his new albums. This, he recently said, led to some great new music. However, the approach also led him to forget some of the songs on those albums.

Church talked about recording his new songs – and forgetting them – during a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights’ radio hosts Evan and Amber.

Considering how Church and his team created his upcoming “Heart & Soul” albums, it’s not really surprising that he would forget the songs they recorded. To create the album, Eric Church and company secluded themselves in North Carolina and went to work.

Part of the way they worked was they wrote a song, quickly recorded it, then moved on to another, he said in the interview.

“… we sat (in North Carolina) and my goal was to write a song, and then the day that we wrote it, we record it that night, and let the chips fall where they may,” Church said. “I really didn’t know what was going to happen. … But, it just started working.”

Recording Process Allowed Eric Church to Experience His Music In a New Light

So, Eric Church and his team kept cranking out song after song after song. Eventually, they completed the project and the singer-songwriter went back to listen to what they had created. And, some of what they had done surprised him – because he had forgotten it.

“I remember listening back to this whole project at the very end – I had forgotten these songs,” Church said. “Keep in mind, I only spent a few hours with ’em. I wrote it, recorded it, and then next day.

However, forgetting the work they had created wasn’t a bad thing for Eric Church. In fact, it gave him a chance to experience his music like he hadn’t really been able to before.

“And, it was so weird to listen back to it – almost as a fan, which I don’t really get to do,” Church said. “You spend so much time with songs. I got to listen back to it and go, I remember four or five songs listening back going, ‘D***, this is good.’ I was shocked and it started to grow on me. And, I thought, ‘H***, this might work.'”

You can listen to Eric Church’s interview below.

First of Church’s ‘Heart & Soul’ Albums Will Be Available April 16

Friday (April 16) is a big day for fans of Eric Church. It is on that day that the first of popular singer’s new albums “Heart & Soul” will be released.

The one available on Friday is the “Heart” album. The “Soul” album will be available on April 23. The “&” album is available exclusively to members of the singer’s “Church Choir” fan club.

Fans will have the chance to hear songs of these albums when Eric Church takes his show on the road this year. The singer recently announced a 55-city tour that will begin in September and continue until May 2022.