Eric Church Gets Crowd Moving with ‘Look Good and You Know It’ Highlight Video of New Concert Performances

by Jonathan Howard

Back on the road, Eric Church is getting rowdy as he gathers once again with his favorite people. His tour is underway. After careful thought and planning, Church is ready to give fans quite a show. Every setlist will be unique to each tour date. No two alike.

After playing his last two shows, Church put out a video thanking Cleveland and Buffalo. Those cities looked like absolute parties. Showing highlights from the performances plus some other action, it is a great advertisement for getting tickets to a future show. Watch below.

My favorite part was the sign in the front row of one of the shows. “Eric F***ing Church Entertainer of the F***ing Year,” quite the endorsement there. Church is the reigning CMA EOTY and is nominated again this year. He has five CMA nominations in total, only Chris Stapleton can match that this year.

With his tour beginning this month, Church has set out to put on a bold string of shows. Not only has he added 28 new songs with his triple album release to his potential setlist, but he also plans to put on a different show every night of his tour. No setlist will match another. Each vibe and feel of the shows will be different. He has called it the most difficult thing he has done.

One of Church’s new songs from Heart & Soul played in the background of the video. Look Good and You Know It is a catchy tune and it looks like Church is directing that message at Buffalo and Cleveland. The Gather Again Tour continues as Church heads up to Grand Forks and Winnipeg.

Eric Church Brought Special Guest up for Nashville Appearance

When Eric Church is down in Nashville, there is no telling what might happen. Now, when he is at Justin Timberlake’s bar, that means it could get really out of control. Just last week Timberlake opened his new bar The Twelve Thirty Club and of course, the country stars were out in force.

Church had to stop by and play a few songs on Broadway for his friend’s new place. There was a huge list of stars there for the opening. Jake Owen, Jessie James Decker, Jon Pardi, Chase Rice, Kid Rock, Eric Church, and Zac Brown were among the honored guests who played a bit of a miniature show.

All of a sudden, when the night seemed to be over Church was joined on stage by Morgan Wallen for an acoustic set between the two. They got up and gave the people quite the show. While the idea was to just play one or two songs, once the fun began they couldn’t stop it. So, they played a few songs together and bar patrons got one of the coolest live experiences ever. Nashville is beautiful, y’all.