Eric Church Says Making a Setlist for ‘Gather Again Tour’ Has Been ‘the Hardest Thing’ in His Career

by Jonathan Howard

Eric Church is planning on finishing out this year with a bang. His Gather Again Tour has fans excited to see the artist back on stage again. Not only does Church have the 55-city tour coming up, but he is also up for Entertainer of the Year at the CMA Awards. If he wins it will be back-to-back for Church in that awards category.

While the country music star is excited about the tour, it hasn’t been easy to plan. Eric Church is known for putting on big shows. When he tours, he likes to keep setlists original and each event unique. With the Gather Again Tour, Church is putting together 55 different setlists. He has just released his triple album, Heart & Soul, and with so many songs to choose from both new and old, there is plenty of material.

That abundance of material has made it hard on the Drink in my Hand singer. He says, “The hardest thing I’ve done thus far in my career is this setlist. So you have 28 songs…it’s not a normal record, it’s three.” Of course, there are classic songs from years past that fans want to hear as well. Mixing all of that together is a real challenge. It’s like having a buffet and not knowing where to start.

“When you start to try to get rid of stuff and change it every night which I’m committed to. We’re still gonna play a different set. We’re going to give people different experiences,” Church explained about the situation.

To sum it all up, “It is maddening.”

Eric Church: ‘Gather Again Tour’ Playlist

This tour is going to be an event in and of itself. Not only is Eric Church playing 55-cities. He isn’t just playing a different setlist every night. Church is bringing the tour to the masses with an official playlist that fans can listen along to. He posted about the project, that is being released exclusively with Apple Music, on Instagram.

So, while fans wait for the tour to come to their nearest town, they can get hyped with the playlist ahead of time. This will allow fans that haven’t caught up on all the new music to get the lyrics down just in time to sing along live in person with thousands of others.

The Instagram post read, “We’re excited to launch the official ‘Gather Again Tour’ playlist exclusively on @applemusic! Get ready for the show in your city and watch for updates from setlists and photos from the road. Check it out now at the link in bio and listen throughout the tour!”

If Eric Church is able to win Entertainer of the Year again this year, it will be quite the fall season for the country music star. Check tour dates to see when he is coming to a town near you.