WATCH: Eric Church and Morgan Wallen Jam Together to New Song ‘Sand in My Boots’

by Thad Mitchell

Two of country music’s brightest stars, Eric Church and Morgan Wallen, recently got together for a little jam session.

With acoustic guitars in hand, the duo jammed out to a song from Morgan Wallen’s latest album “Dangerous” Seated on a couch with a few cold beverages sitting in front of them, the country stars belt out “Sand in my Boots” in perfect harmony.

As if that duo doesn’t have enough star power, the group is joined by Hardy and Darius Rucker in the singalong. While Rucker doesn’t appear to be participating in the song, he is watching with a close eye. The three musicians perform the song while occasionally taking a break for a sip of their beverage. Luckily for us and country music fans across the globe, the camera was rolling the entire time. Morgan Wallen took to social media on Wednesday to share the video with fans and followers. It is safe to say that Wallen’s fans are thankful that the country star provides them with the recording.

“Sand in My Boots,” he writes in the Instagram post’s caption space.

Morgan Wallen Fans Enjoy Social Media Video

It doesn’t get any bigger in country music than these four artists featured in the 3 minute and 14-second video. The foursome appears to be enjoying their time together in a relaxing and mellow type of setting. The group focuses on finding the notes while picking their guitars and singing. Morgan Wallen handles most of the vocals in the video as it is his song and it appears on his hit album. It is when the country stars harmonize together that really makes the video spectacular. Some of the biggest names in all of the music industry, it is a real treat for fans to see the uniquely talented artists performing together.

As you might expect, the Instagram post drew a ton of attention from Morgan Wallen fans. In only a matter of hours, the video took in more than 250,000 “likes” and well over half a million views.

Morgan Wallen’s social media followers were quick to jump in with their own replies and thank the country star for the share.

 “I love ‘Sand in My Boots’ but I can’t get past Darius Rucker just laying in the cut during all of this,” a fan remarks.

The video led to speculation that “Sand in My Boots” could be the next single off of “Dangerous” for Morgan Wallen. That would be perfectly alright with fans as several say the song is one of their favorites off the album.

“I’ll never get over how this song made me feel the first time I heard it,” another fan says.

Morgan Wallen, now 28-years-old, has done quite well in his country music career. The East Tennessee native got his big break in 2014, appearing on the sixth season of “The Voice.”