Eric Church Opens Up About Meaning and Inspiration Behind ‘Doing Life With Me’

by Jacklyn Krol

Eric Church’s “Doing Life With Me” has already become a staple among the Church Choir. And for good reason.

Church wrote the song alongside Casey Beathard (“Mr. Misunderstood,” “Hell Of A View”) and Jeffrey Steele (“Stick That In Your Country Song”).

During this past year, Church had a writer’s cabin in North Carolina to work on his three-part album, Heart & Soul. Church admitted that he popped in and out because he would need some downtime away from the constant writing sessions.

“And one day he [Steele] had this little – that little riff on ‘Life With Me’ just up and down my neck. And he goes ‘I don’t know what this is,’” Church recalled.

After creating the riff, Beathard shared a real-life experience that helped create lyrics.

“Casey Beathard walks in and he goes ‘Man, I had this lady I was just talking to and talking about her husband and she goes I guess that’s what he gets for doing life with me,’” Church recalled.

The team thought that idea was interesting. “And all the sudden (sings) it just turned into a thing, but it was over Jeffrey’s thing,” Church continued.

Instead of having a session person come in and play the music, the trio took it upon themselves. Steele ended up playing guitar and singing harmony alongside Beathard.

Eric Church’s ‘Heart & Soul’

Eric Church enlisted help from some of his favorite songwriters, like Beathard, who wrote 12 of the tracks on the project. Famed producer Jay Joyce produced all three parts of the album.

For Eric Church, the process was all about the result, not the product. Surprisingly, it was harder and less enjoyable at points than one would think.

“It was about what it took to get there. It was tough,” he admitted. “Pulling teeth for me. Not enjoyable for me.”

Being able to leave the studio environment helped Eric Church and his crew create the record. The cabin “made something that was uncomfortable and unique and new.” The cabin was just as involved in the creative process as the team themselves.

“And that kind of what–that’s where creativity thrives, at least for this record. God, it was so refreshing,”
Eric Church shared. “I think you could ask of Jay the same thing. He would say–I’ve talked to him recently and he goes, ‘Man, most fun I’ve had in a long time.’ And I think that you sometimes have to kind of shake it up a little bit to find where you’re supposed to go next.”