Eric Church Is Now a Part-Owner of the Green Bay Packers

by Jonathan Howard

When you spend two nights in Wisconsin, things can get crazy. Now, Eric Church is a part-owner of the Green Bay Packers. Some fellas have all the luck. Fans can be really dedicated to their favorite artists sometimes. However, gifting a share of the Packers organization to the Chief himself? That’s next-level stuff. Only a Cheesehead would do something like this.

Go, Chief, Go!

  • Eric Church played in Green Bay, WI for part of his Gather Again Tour on two nights this weekend
  • While on stage, a fan gifted the singer with official papers detailing the share that Church now owns
  • The country music star showed the stadium the papers on the big screen and caused a ‘Go, Pack Go!’ to break out
  • Church heads south to Birmingham and Little Rock later this week

The Resch Center is where Eric Church found out he would be a part-owner of the Green Bay Packers. And, that’s where he made his home for two nights this weekend. The fans braved the cold, because of course they did, and the snow to see their favorite singer live. He’s always one to set out to please.

Here is Church showing off his new portfolio piece to the crowd.

Of course, Church was a big draw in Green Bay. During these last few days of winter and right before Spring breaks the cold for good, a little reminder that good things are coming is always nice. What better way to shake that Wisconsin cold than standing shoulder to shoulder with a couple thousand of your closest friends?

The Gather Again Tour has been something to see. Church set out to make each show different and unique as far as the setlist is concerned and he has done that. Going on stage and putting on a different version of your show every night is not the easiest thing to do.

It looks like it was a damn party there in Green Bay. If you don’t believe me, look no further than the highlight video that Church posted on social media. He took over Green Bay all weekend and the fans turned out in droves. Looks like we had some bottle pulls in the parking lot and a whole lot of screaming and cheering.

Eric Church Becomes Part-Owner of the Green Bay Packers and His Tour Continues

The only thing you can count on is that Eric Church is going to be moving on to the next show. He just doesn’t stop and that means Alabama and Arkansas need to prepare for the Chief. He is coming, and with that Packers certificate, what could the south give him to match this offer from the wintery north?

The only answer is to give him one of Nick Saban’s Championship rings… right?