Eric Church Prepares To Kick Off His 55-City ‘Gather Again Tour’

by Jacklyn Krol

After nearly 700 days of patiently waiting, Eric Church is going back on tour.

The last time Church was on stage was in 2019 for his Double Down Tour where he performed two shows back-to-back in each city with completely different setlists. Fans and the Chief himself are ready to get back out there. And yes, the shows will still be jaw-dropping and just as good – if not better, than you remember!

This tour will be different from in years past. No, not just with the COVID-19 health and safety measures, but the stage will be in the round for the first time ever. He will be performing songs from his triple record, Heart & Soul. Similar to his recording session, he set up his rehearsals in Lititz, Pennsylvania to prepare for the massive undertaking.

“The hardest thing I’ve done thus far in my career is this setlist,” Church said in a new video. “It’s not a normal record; it’s three. So, you add 28 songs to what we already had going, which is a pretty stacked and packed setlist, and when you start to try to get rid of stuff and change it every night – which I’m committed to; we’re still going to play the different set, we’re going to give people different experiences – it has been maddening.”

Eric Church’s New ‘Cage Match’

Eric Church’s new playground rehearsal space is a 2,400-foot multi-level stage. It will be centered at every venue’s arena. The tour will include 11 busses, 20 trucks, a 127,000-pound lighting rig and four 836 square foot video walls. All the while, Church said that this time has made him the most musical that he’s ever been.

He described his new stage as a “cage match” since he has to perform for all areas of the crowd. He titled the tour because he wanted people to get as close as they can and come together once again.

The best part? He will be playing new songs, but also classics. Some of those hits will be reimagined in a new light.

“There’s going to be a lot of songs that fans aren’t gonna recognize at first,” he admitted. “That we’re gonna start singing and they’re going to go ‘oh yeah, that’s that song.’ So, I think it’s just fun after this many years to change it up and make it about music; make it musical. I’m just excited to see the reaction.”

The Gather Again Tour officially kicks off in Lexington, Kentucky at Rupp Arena on September 17. It will travel around the United States hitting 56 shows. Finally, it will conclude at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City.

A press release noted that each show will be enforcing local venue guidelines along with city/state COVID-19 precautions. The entire band and crew are fully vaccinated. Tickets are on sale now, be sure to get yours soon Church Choir! Let us know which show you’ll be hitting up!