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Eric Church Releases Studio Video of Recent Release ‘Doing Life With Me’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Kevin Winter/ACM2016/Getty Images for dcp

Sometimes it’s the journey, not the destination. Eric Church thanks his family, friends, and crew members in his newest song “Doing Life With Me.”

The country singer recently released a music video that goes behind the scenes at the studio while making the song. While there’s only one Eric Church, the artist has a lot of people to thank for helping him along the way. For instance, his wife Katherine Blasingame has been one of Church’s biggest supporters through the years.

Lyrics from the song included “I don’t pray much anymore / for this old troubadour’s / happiness, wishes, wants and needs / end of my ropes, hopes and dreams / Spend my livin’ giving thanks / for the ships I never sank / every big, every little in the everyday things / the notes and the words and the songs I sing / to the ones doing life with me.

Eric Church Has a Lot to Be Thankful For

Eric Church has a lot to be thankful for this year. After previously being nominated three times, Church finally took home the CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year. And with good reason. Church’s music has continuously been as thought-provoking as it has been catchy.

“If there was ever a year not to win this award. I was thinking about this when I walked up here,” Church said during his CMA acceptance speech. “This award this year has been about the loss of this year. The loss of life, the loss of playing shows, the loss of freedom, the loss of kids being in school. And you know what the win is? The win is we were all here tonight together as country music in person, live, not on Zoom.”

He’s pushing boundaries on what it means to be a country music artist. Even during his speech, Church used the platform to comment on 2020 and how each person could do their part.

“I believe this, I really believe this. It’s going to be music that brings us out of this,” Church said. “That is the one thing that is going to save the entire world. Politicians are about division. Music is about unity. And I promise you, it’s going to take everybody in this room to unite.”