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Eric Church Reveals Advice He’s Given to Morgan Wallen: ‘Keep It About the Music’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ACM)

It is no secret that Eric Church and Morgan Wallen are close. The Chief has taken the young singer under his wing a bit. From taking the stage together to dishing out a little advice, Church is there to help Wallen out with whatever he needs. And he puts that on display all the time.

The award-winning singer-songwriter was on Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton and talked about his relationship with Wallen. A young guy with the fame that the Flower Shops singer has earned in the last few years might need some direction every once in a while.

During their conversation which was mostly about UNC-Duke in the Final Four, Wallen came up.

“There are a lot of these younger guys that I’ve become friends with,” Church explained. “With Morgan, we talk weekly. The thing I like about him is he’s a genuine person, and real honest. We enjoy spending time together. We go fishing, we’ve written songs, and it’s become a neat friendship for me.”

As far as advice that Church has dolled out, he filled folks in on that as well.

“I just told him to keep it about the music. A lot of people told him to keep it between the lines, and I told him, ‘Screw the lines, kept it between the buoys. Lines are too tight. Let’s do buoys.’ He’s doing very well. I think anyone who spends time with him will get a genuine person, and I appreciate that.”

Let’s be honest, Wallen has not had an easy time with the fame. It isn’t all the time, but the singer has faltered in some pretty big ways. Since those incidents, Wallen has worked hard to earn the trust of fans and others. Chruch has been a big part of that.

Eric Church and Morgan Wallen Played a Surprise Concert

As I said, these two artists are close. Erich Church and Morgan Wallen had a surprise concert in Nashville together. What better place to join forces than Music City? The two rocked the stage at Bridgestone Arena. Fans lost their minds. Wallen’s been playing a ton of shows and surprising fans with small bar shows as well.

It is a perfect example of the old and the new coming together in country music. A veteran of the last generation and one of the upcoming artists in the genre coming together. They have been hanging out as much as possible and clearly playing together when possible. Even if it wasn’t planned to begin with.

So, what is next for the Eric Church and Morgan Wallen friendship? Will we get some songs and duets out of this any time soon? I know many fans are wanting that to happen.