Eric Church Reveals Why He Feels Optimistic for 2021

by Joe Rutland

Country singer-songwriter Eric Church believes there are reasons to feel optimistic about this year, and he’s speaking up about them.

One of the things that Church and so many other musicians have not been able to do is perform live in the past year. That’s because so many locations shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Now Church has been able to keep his people together and he knows how lucky he is able to do it.

“Yeah, I’ve been able to keep all my band and crew and all my guys — we’ve not even cut salaries, and I’m proud of that,” he said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “But it’s been an incredibly strange and trying time, and I know I’ve got it a lot better than most people.

“But I’m hopeful. I didn’t feel as hopeful late last year but I like where we’re heading,” Church said. “I think 2021’s gonna be a redemption year and 2022’s gonna be the s—.”

Eric Church Pins A Lot Of Hope Around COVID-19 Vaccine

There is little doubt that Eric Church looks forward to having people healthy beyond his family and band members.

Yet what is the one thing that the award-winning country singer pins his hopes on at this moment?

“The vaccine is kind of what it was for me — not just the vaccine but the implementation,” Church said. “I watch the daily count obsessively, and nothing’s gonna happen until we get it in arms.

“But now we’re starting to see a plan going forward that looks effective, looks like it’s gonna work. And that of course was a little bit because of the change.”

Eric Church will be singing the National Anthem, along with Jazmine Sullivan, at Sunday’s Super Bowl. The game pits the Kansas City Chiefs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla.

Church Releases Single In Advance Of Triple Album

He’s been keeping himself busy through these non-touring times by putting together a triple-album collection.

In fact, Church recently released the first single off of “Heart and Soul” called “Heart on Fire.”

But there’s a plan in place to release each album separately to those Eric Church fans out there.

Keep an eye out for “Heart,” which will be released on April 16. The second album, “Soul,” will come out on April 23. The third album, “&,” is scheduled to come out on April 20. That pins it right between the first and third albums, thereby making “Heart & Soul” come out in alignment. Now, “&” is only going to be released on vinyl and available to Eric Church’s membership group called “Church Choir.”

Get ready for more music from Church going forward into 2021.

H/T: Los Angeles Times