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Eric Church Says He’s Become an ‘Amateur Epidemiologist’ as He Preps for 2021 Tour

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Perhaps like many others in the entertainment industry, country music superstar Eric Church says that is becoming quite the expert when it comes to infectious diseases.

Church recently called into Taste of Country for an interview. During the sit-down, he discusses what it’s like recording his new album in 2021. He goes into detail about how the difficult circumstances that COVID-19 has presented have affected him and others in the industry.

As such, Church talked about what kind of safety measures he’s taken to prepare for his 2021 tour.

“I have become an amateur epidemiologist,” Church joked with Taste of Country Nights’ radio hosts Evan and Amber. “Ya know, this is not something we just did. We didn’t say ‘we’re just going to do this.’ There’s been meetings with local municipalities, governors, epidemiologists, and scientists. We have been talking about this for a while.”

Eric Church Encourages People to Get Vaccinated

The 43-year-old country music star has been doing his best to convince his fans to get vaccinations. Eric Church currently has a triple album and a fall tour planned for later this year. And as a result, he wants everyone to consider the COVID-19 vaccine and get to his shows.

“Now, here is where I really think we are gonna be,” Church says. “Once every able-bodied adult is able to get a vaccination, which I think is going to be sometime this month in April, it’s really gonna be up to the person. You’ve already seen some states say that by June or whatever that there will be no restrictions.”

The “Hell of a View” singer says that the door isn’t closed for those who chose not to receive a vaccine. Although, he does say that it’s hard to tell what the circumstances might be. But one scenario he mentions is that they “might have to wear a mask” to his shows.

“If you want to get a vaccination then get one,” Church explains. “And if you don’t, then depending on what the current situation is, you might have to wear a mask to the show.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has essentially put a halt on the concert industry. And in doing so, it has robbed Church and other country stars the chance to bring them the joy and music they love to hear.

“That’s what we are going to deal with for a little bit,” Eric Church says. “That is really the reason I have been encouraging people to get vaccinated. The more people that get vaccinated, the better we are gonna be at getting back together quicker.”