Eric Church Sends Message to Morgan Wallen After Surprise Nashville Concert Appearance

by Suzanne Halliburton
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ACM

Eric Church wanted Morgan Wallen to know one thing. He had a damn fine time singing with him Thursday night in Nashville. The two country stars sang “Quittin’ Time.” But promise, they’ll be doing it again sometime soon. In fact, Church and Wallen already have a date in mind, although the stage will be several states away. Thursday night was but a taste.

Church posted a photo of the two country stars singing at Thursday night’s concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Eric Church captioned the snap: “Always a good time sharing the stage with Morgan Wallen. Can’t wait for Minneapolis!” Take a look at the photo and will tell you more on the other side about what happened in Nashville and more about Minneapolis.

Eric Church Wrote the Song, Morgan Wallen Sang It

“Quittin’ Time” was the perfect song for the two to perform. Church was one of the co-writers of the song. And the two men became friends because of it. They golf and fish together. And sometimes they’re on stage together. Wallen even described Church as “the best f—-n’ country singer that ever lived.”

Last October, Church invited Wallen on stage with him at a Philadelphia concert. The two closed the show with “Quittin Time.” The song isn’t about getting off of work. Rather, it’s about a sad breakup, when the man looks at the woman and realizes she’s not crying at the thought of losing him.

“There’s all day thinkin’ time an’ all night drinkin’ time an’ time to sing or time to find if rhyme has a reason.
Time to pack it in and stay down, pack it up and walk away now and give it one more day or call it a season
I can tell by the tears not in your eyes, it’s quittin’ time.”

Check out the two of them performing the song Thursday night. Note how buzzy the crowd got when Church stepped on stage.

Wallen included the song on his “Dangerous: the Double Album.” He released the album in January, 2021. And it premiered at the top of the charts.

You can see Eric Church and Morgan Wallen together again on June 11. Wallen is opening for Church at U.S. Bank Stadium. Church, like he did Friday, posted a photo of the two of them to hype the Minneapolis concert. ERNEST also will be on the opening bill.

Wallen then posted: “If you know much about me, you know how big of a deal this is. One of the greatest honors in my career to be opening for Eric Church. Doing it with one of my best friends ERNEST just makes it that much more special.”

Church also will headline another stadium show, with this one in Milwaukee over Memorial Day weekend. Brothers Osborne and Parker McCollom will open for Church.