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Eric Church Tells What He’s Most Thankful For Ahead of Thanksgiving 2020, Hopes for ‘More Normal’ 2021

by Chris Haney
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA

Recently, country star Eric Church opened up about what he’s most thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches, and said he’s looking forward to a more normal 2021.

On Thursday, the nation will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, although it will look very different than past years. Many families will not gather together and most will celebrate in smaller groups than normal because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a statement given to Universal Music Group’s Pressroom, Church acknowledged that it’s been a “record year.” But, the country singer is very thankful this holiday season for his family and their health. He says the silver lining of the pandemic is that it has helped his family grow closer to one another.

“You know, this has been a helluva year,” Church said of 2020. “And one thing I’m most thankful for is my family, their health, you know, we’ve all, I think, grown closer during this.”

The musician says he’s hopeful for a more normal 2021. He knows everything won’t change overnight, however, he thinks 2021 will slowly get better. Additionally, Church thinks things will be back to normal in 2022. Yet, for now, he’s just thankful for his family and that he’s had the opportunity to spend more time with them this year.

“I’m looking forward to a more normal 2021,” Church says hopefully. “I don’t know if it’ll be normal, but it will be more normal and getting closer to that and then an absolutely normal 2022 is how I see the next two years. For me, I’m just thankful that I’ve been with my family and we’ve all stayed healthy and I’ve gotten to hang out with them.”

Church Spoke About the Struggles of 2020 in His CMA Awards Speech

A couple weeks ago, Church took home the 2020 CMA’s “Entertainer of the Year” award for the first time in his music career.

During his acceptance speech, the country musician said 2020 has been a year of loss for everyone. But, he did mention how special the night was being able to gather with the country music community in person.

“If there was ever a year not to win this award,” Church joked as he accepted the award. “I was thinking about this when I walked up here. This award this year has been about the loss of this year. The loss of life, the loss of playing shows, the loss of freedom, the loss of kids being in school. And you know what the win is? The win is we were all here tonight together as country music in person, live, not on Zoom.”

Likewise, Church shared similar thoughts from his acceptance speech while backstage after his win. He spoke about how tough of a year 2020 has been. And Church doubled down on his comments that the year is more about losses than it is wins.

“It’s been a year, to me, of losses. It’s been a year of managing those losses,” Church reiterated. “So it was really hard for me to accept this award, which I have wanted forever … The hardest thing was to stand there in 2020 and understand that you win that award, but this year is more about what the losses are.”