Eric Church Recalls Thinking He Would Never Play Another Show

by Courtney Blackann

It would be hard to imagine a world of country music without Eric Church in it. Yet, when the pandemic hit – and then it got worse – Church actually thought he’d never get back to touring. Or playing music for crowds or sharing that bond only artists have with the people who get their music.

When he embarked on his Holdin’ My Own tour in 2018, I thought for sure it was a mistake not to have an opening act or special guest. But Eric Church proved time and again that stripped down, he’s all we need for hours of energetic music and the best songs you’ll ever hear. Eric Church solo is a major treat. You can just tell that the “Springsteen” singer loves being on stage.

Well, as the entire world knows, the last two years have been rough. It’s been especially hard on traveling, going out to eat, holding a job, school. You name it, it was affected by COVID. Eric Church felt this too.

Which is why after one evening of heavy drinking, he had a scary but real thought. What if he wouldn’t perform anymore? What if he never got the chance? When something you absolutely love is taken away, and there’s nothing you can do about it, what then?

The country singer had some thoughts about this.

“The world got incredibly weird and complicated, ya know. I remember one night, after about 20-25 garage beers I thought, ‘Maybe I’m done, I’ll never get to do this again.’”

Eric Church continues:

“Well ya know what I dreamed about? I didn’t dream about songs, I didn’t dream about cities. I dreamed about this right here. Everybody shoulder to shoulder, beside each other, normal again. We are meant to gather, we’re meant to sing, we’re meant to drink and fellowship, and that’s what tonight’s about.”

Erich Church Has Some Super Star Fans

While 2022 is bringing a wave of entirely new and scary problems, at least COVID restrictions are loosening and the world is getting back to normal. It is for Eric Church as well. And that’s because the singer is doing what he loves again.

Aptly named “The Gather Again Tour,” Church is touring the United States and Canada through the end of August. You know it’s going to be a fantastic time – and he has plenty of dates left.

We’re not the only ones who look up to Church. One of country’s biggest stars recently called the “Record Year” singer a “hero” of his.

“I don’t [know] exactly when it was we started hanging out, we went on a golf trip together and ended up fishing. But we started hanging out then,” says hitmaker Morgan Wallen. “We just became buddies. I guess we kind of have a similar attitude or whatever it is.”

He also adds:

“I know he doesn’t publicly come out and have a lot of buddies,” the singer explained further. “But he’s always been my country music hero… he’s one of the main reasons that I sing country music.”