Eric Church Recalls ‘Water Tailgating’ on a Pontoon During His 4th of July Celebrations

by Keeli Parkey

Like many other Americans, country music star Eric Church’s Fourth of July celebrations during his youth included fireworks. However, his Independence Day festivities did not take place on dry land.

Church shared details of those celebrations with his record label, UMG Nashville.

“The Fourth of July for me, growing up we would always go to the lake, we didn’t live on the lake but we would all go to the lake,” he recalled.

Those fun summer parties took place on a boat owned by a friend of Eric Church. What took place on that lake was a community celebration.

“Had a buddy who had a pontoon and we would always get on the pontoon and you go out and you’d tie all the pontoons together and just have a big-time,” Church shared. Turns out, the people having the most fun during these Fourth of July celebrations were not the youngest members of the group.

“This was before, I was younger then, the adults were having more fun than we were, you know it was just to go swim in the water and shoot off fireworks,” the popular singer said.

Turns out, this tradition continued as Eric Church grew up. The star even gave these lake-based celebrations an interesting name.

“Basically, water tailgating is what it was,” he explained. “And then as we got older, same thing…we would just, us younger kids had our own boat and we had as much fun as the adults.”

Eric Church Can Celebrate More Than Just the Fourth of July This Summer

This summer, Eric Church has more to celebrate than just the Fourth of July. Recently, he reached a milestone in his career – his 10th No. 1 single!

Church reached double-digits in No. 1 singles with his song, “Hell of a View.” It was the second single released from his April album, “Heart & Soul.” This single reached the top of the charts during May 2020. “Hell of a View” became available during November 2020.

“Hell of a View” was a collaboration between Eric Church, Casey Beathard, and Monty Criswell. It was written while Church and company went on a special music-recording retreat during early 2020. They traveled to North Carolina with the goal of writing and recording one song each day while they were away. The process reportedly began in the mornings when the song was penned. Next, came polishing the song and preparing it for recording. Then later in the day and into the night, Church and his team would record the song.

Recording music this way wasn’t without its challenges. In fact, Eric Church said the process, “’bout killed me. From a sleep standpoint, I’ve never really been that unhealthy.”

Some of the other No. 1 hit songs Church has had during his career include “Drink In My Hand,” “Give Me Back My Hometown,” and “Some of It.”