Erin Andrews Explains Why ‘Setting the World on Fire’ by Pink and Kenny Chesney ‘Blew Her Mind’

by Joe Rutland

People from all walks of life are touched by the music of Kenny Chesney and his duet with Pink struck a chord with sportscaster Erin Andrews.

Andrews appears on a recent “Poets & Pirates DJ Sessions” show on Chesney’s “No Shoes Radio” channel on SiriusXM. The Fox Sports broadcaster talked about hearing “Setting the World on Fire,” a song Chesney and Pink sang together, for the first time.

“I remember listening to this for the first time,” Andrews says. “Again, Kenny, you blew my mind.

“Who knew you knew Pink,” Andrews says. “I know you know everybody in my world, but Pink? This is major. I just thought this was such an interesting duet. I think Pink’s vocals are so underrated and when you hear this woman belt out you’re just like, again, ‘Hallelujah.’ This is just incredible.”

Here’s a clip from Andrews’ interview with Chesney.

“Setting the World on Fire” was released in 2016. The song was written by Ross Copperman, Matt Jenkins, and Scott Osborne.

Chesney recalls what recording the song was like for him in an interview from that year.

“I spent a lot of time last fall in California,” Chesney says. “And one afternoon I drove down the Pacific Coast Highway to the studio where she works a lot, and we spent about an hour working on the song, and it was just magic.

“I couldn’t believe how great of a singer she really was just, she blew me away and I realize right then that she had a God-given instrument and she was just perfect for ‘Setting the World on Fire.’”

Kenny Chesney Sets Grammys On Fire With 2009 Song

Most fans know Kenny Chesney for his good-time beach persona. But the “No Shoes Nation” leader might be at his best when shrugging off the island vibes and goes all-in on country music.

He sang “Better as a Memory” at the 2009 Grammy Awards. Chesney performs the ballad on a darkened stage backed by a string ensemble.

The somber country song is a departure from his normal good-time tunes but he nails every note. The sadness is almost palpable as he performs the song from a stool at center stage.

In the song, Chesney takes the role of a man who is trying to convince a woman to not get too close to him. He tells her that he is better as a memory than as her man. Put simply, the lyrics are a list of why he’s no good as a long-term romantic partner. The way Chesney pours emotion into the lyrics makes it more than just a checklist song.

It’s just another example of the country music superstar’s ability to take songs and deliver them in beautiful ways, whether funny or tender.

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