Ernest Explains How ‘Flower Shops (The Album)’ Came Together

by Anna Dunn

Country music singer ERNEST recently explained how Flower Shops (The Album) came together. The artist previously wrote for artists such as Jake Owen, Florida Georgia Line, and Chris Lane before he signed a recording contract himself in 2019. Now, he’s considered a potential rising star who is unafraid to get vulnerable.

In a new interview with CMT, he talks about the making of his vulnerable debut album, Flower Shops. The songwriter and artist spent a year reflecting on his personal life. He used that year to pull inspiration for his work.

In the album, he writes about what it’s like to come close to losing the love of your life. He made the album with the help of producer Joey Moi.

“I have been able to just dig deep and shamelessly kind of tell my story through songs. Not that people don’t do that, because that is what songwriting and storytelling is. It’s just for me personally – I haven’t found a bunch of guys being able to sing such introspectively,” he told CMT.

It’s Vulnerability That Makes ERNEST Particularly Proud of the New Album

It’s that vulnerability that really makes him proud of the album.

“It is a pretty introspective album beyond just the first three songs being love songs. There’s struggle and pain in any love story. I feel like that side doesn’t get told often… I’m shamelessly putting myself out there and telling mine,” he said.

In crafting the album, he purposefully ordered the songs to tell a bit of a story of a rocky relationship. He feels the final song on Flower Shops leaves the door open to pick up right where this one left off.

He didn’t really know he had an album until he wrote the titular song featuring Morgan Wallen.

“So, all the songs kind of related to it sonically sounded like it, and connected to that character in ‘Flower Shops,'” he told the publication.

Flower Shops, the album, will approach country music with traditional influences, but also, go against the modern grain and discuss the dark side of alcohol abuse.

“I just think that if we’re going to have so many drinking songs, I don’t mind being the guy that shows the other side of that coin,” he said.

This is ERNEST’s first album. He credited his current success to getting the opportunity to work with Florida Georgia Line Early in his career.

ERNEST is preparing for multiple headlining shows. The album came out on March 11th, if you want to give it a listen.