Ernest Reveals How He Found His Steel Player on Tiktok

by Allison Hambrick
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - SEPTEMBER 17: Ernest performs at the Ryman Auditorium on September 17, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Country music artist Ernest opened up about how he found someone to play the steel guitar in his band for his tour.

According to the musician, Ernest was browsing on Tiktok when he found a video of Chandler Walters playing a song by Josh Turner.

“He looks like one of the boys, and he is just playing the steel guitar,” explained Ernest. “He was playing like a Josh Turner intro, and I sent him a message.’ Where are you?’ and he goes’ Nashville,’ and I was like ‘OH MY GOD, you’re in my band now.’ He is a fan of me, Morgan [Wallen], and HARDY. He immediately sent me a video of him playing the steel solo on ‘Flower Shops.'”

Additionally, Ernest discussed the “American Dream” aspect of this story. After all, he also got his start through writing for others.

“Last year, this kid graduated high school, moved to Nashville, bought a steel guitar, and taught himself how to play,” said Ernest. “He has been a guitar player, but he wanted to stick out. Now, he is hopping on our tour bus. I don’t know how many times that has happened, but that is what it’s all about right there.”

Ernest Discusses Debut Album

Ahead of the release of his upcoming album, Ernest also opened up about the process behind recording it. He explained: “I think that this is a great one to stamp my name on and say,’ I’m here, and this is me. As far as the body of work goes, this is my favorite one. Some of my favorite songs I have ever written is in this collection. I think it is just a fresh stroke in country music.”

He wanted to create an album with real emotions that drew on his real-life story.

“It is a pretty introspective album beyond just the first three songs being love songs,” said Ernest. “There’s struggle and pain in any love story. I feel like that side doesn’t get told often… I’m shamelessly putting myself out there and telling mine. I put them in order on purpose because it does tell the story of a good love that was almost gone for good.”

For the musician, “Flower Shops” was the track that tied it all together.

“I didn’t know I had an album really until the song ‘Flower Shops’ existed,” continued Ernest. “I kind of danged it as the centerpiece to my project,” said Ernest. “So, all the songs kind of related to it sonically sounded like it, and connected to that character in’ Flower Shops.’”

Ernest then added his feelings towards his album: “I love listening to my album. Maybe it’s an arrogant problem, but I have listened to my album a lot, and I am really happy with it. There’s not a song that I don’t think is awesome.”