Ernest Shares Story Behind ‘Flower Shops’ Collaboration With Morgan Wallen

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

As one of country music‘s newest faces, Ernest is making waves with his song “Flower Shops.” The melancholy tune, centered around a couple just about out of chances, features the current face of country music, Morgan Wallen. Just recently, Ernest made his Grand Ole Opry debut singing “Flower Shops” alongside the “Neon Eyes” singer and released his sophomore project, Flower Shops (The Album), just last week. Now, as the single continues to gain adoration from fans across genres, Ernest is taking us behind the scenes of the hit song, sharing the story behind the collab with Morgan Wallen.

During an appearance on iHeart Media‘s “The Bobby Bones Show,” Ernest shared that “Flower Shops” gains inspiration from George Jones. While on his way to a write, he shared he’d been listening to the iconic artist’s “A Good Year for the Roses” when inspiration struck.

In conversation with Billboard, Ernest said, “I had a George Jones playlist going, and I had just been on a sad song kick for a while. Just listening to the lyrics of that song again, I thought, ‘We should write a song with a crazy title like that.'”

By the time he and his friend and fellow artist, Ben Burgess, met with songwriter Mark Holman, “The song was kind of written…We added a melody and it just wrote itself.”

When Did Ernest Bring Morgan Wallen in for ‘Flower Shops’ Collab?

Clearly, there’s quite the story behind Ernest’s “Flower Shops,” giving it depth and a bit of a unique personality. However, when did Morgan Wallen and Ernest turn the single into a collab effort?

While on “The Bobby Bones Show,” Ernest told the host that once he, Burgess, and Holman had completed the song, he was immensely excited to share it with his friend, Morgan Wallen.

After recording a demo, Ernest shot the tune over to Wallen in a text out of excitement. Soon enough, both country artists fell in love with the track. According to the outlet, the pair began performing the song together on occasion at various events.

Apparently, the duo’s unofficial collaborations led to the final collab on the album, featuring Morgan Wallen alongside Ernest. As per the country music radio show, Morgan Wallen later dropped the news that he’d be joining Ernest on the official track during Nashville’s Whiskey Jam.

Clearly, then, “Flower Shops” has not only been influential for Ernest in carving out his place in country music. It’s also a stamp of the bond he shares with Morgan Wallen, not to mention his pride in sharing the track with fans and artists alike.

In fact, until “Flower Shops” came to be, Ernest didn’t even realize he had a full album ready to go. Now, though, it serves as the “centerpiece” of the album.

While speaking with CMT, Ernest said, “I think that this is a great one to stamp my name on and say, ‘I’m here, and this is me.'”