Ernest Talks Being Able to ‘Dig Deep and Shamelessly’ to Tell His Story

by Leanne Stahulak

Country artist Ernest recently dropped his second album, “Flower Shops (The Album),” and it dives into his personal story like never before.

The 11-track album really showcases Ernest’s talent as a songwriter and vocalist. While in the past he’s known for writing tracks for other country artists, this one’s all for him. He poured his own heart and soul into the stories of these tracks, and it shows.

“I have been able to just dig deep and shamelessly kind of tell my story through songs,” Ernest told CMT News. ” Not that people don’t do that, because that is what songwriting and storytelling is. It’s just for me personally – I haven’t found a bunch of guys being able to sing such introspectively.”

The best country songs make you feel some type of way, inspiring people’s emotions based on different themes. Life, love, heartache, loss, etc. But in “Flower Shops (The Album),” we see Ernest take these abstract concepts and show them through the lens of his own life.

“It is a pretty introspective album beyond just the first three songs being love songs,” Ernest continued. “There’s struggle and pain in any love story. I feel like that side doesn’t get told often… I’m shamelessly putting myself out there and telling mine.”

That’s why, he explained, the setup of the album’s tracks works in a specific way.

“I put them in order on purpose because it does tell the story of a good love that was almost gone for good,” he said. “The last song on the album,’ Some Other Bar,’ is kind of a playful song that leaves the door open. So, we can pick it back up.”

Meaning, we could easily see new music in the future that continues the story of Ernest.

Ernest Debuts Acoustic Version of ‘Flower Shops’ Featuring Morgan Wallen on New Album

“Flower Shops” really put Ernest on country fans’ radar when it dropped this past December. The song, featuring country star Morgan Wallen, became an instant hit. Ernest confirmed he wrote the rest of the album around that central piece, which is now available in an acoustic version as well.

The acoustic version really showcases Wallen and Ernest’s vocals. They’re only accompanied by the guitar, and it adds a sadder, more somber note to the song. The glasses of whiskey on the stool between them also add a nice touch to the video. Check it out below.

“Flower Shops” isn’t the only hit on the record though. It’s also got bangers like “Some Other Bar,” which Ernest referenced above. Currently, “Some Other Bar” has been streamed nearly 600,000 times on Spotify since the album dropped on March 11.

Do you have a favorite Ernest song from “Flower Shops (The Album?” Tell us yours, Outsiders.