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Ernest Tubb’s Nephew Launches Petition To Save Historic Broadway Record Shop

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Great-great nephew of the late Ernest Tubb, Colton Gibson, recently launched a petition to save the Ernest Tubb Record Shop.

Sometimes, you have to do what’s necessary to save a little piece of history. Last week, Nashville’s historic Ernest Tubb Record Shop released some upsetting news. Via Facebook, viewers discovered that the store would be closing its doors after 71 years in business.

Part of the Facebook caption read, “Our goal has always been to protect, promote and preserve the great history of the record shop and building. That desire remains as strong today as ever. However, due to changes in circumstances out of our control, it’s now clear the best way forward is to sell the business and the real estate.”

As expected, the announcement led to several negative reactions from the community. These people found themselves sad that another piece of the city’s history would be no more.

The Ernest Tubb Record Shop Petition Has Already Racked Up Nearly 7,500 Signatures

Now, the late singer-songwriter’s family is hoping to draw attention to the store to save it from its upcoming fate. His 14-year-old great-great-nephew started a petition via Change.org to save The Ernest Tubb Record Shop.

The petition reads, “We are now met with the tragic news that this institution which is extremely important to the history of country music, is permanently closing its doors. WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. The Ernest Tubb Record Shop is one of our only remaining direct connections to the golden age of country music. If it closes, ask yourself what we will have left. Not very much. If you love country music and want to preserve its history, please sign this petition to preserve the historic Ernest Tubb Record Shop as it is.”

Since being launched, the petition has already racked up nearly 7,500 signatures. These signatures are from both people around Nashville as well as all over the world.

Tennessee Residents React to the News of the Record’s Shops’ Closing

Earlier this week, Nashville’s News Channel 5 hit the streets to ask residents how they feel about losing a historic monument in the city.

“I think it’s pretty crazy,” one Tennessee resident admitted.

Another resident tried to keep things light by tossing in a brief joke. At least, we’re hoping it was a joke.

“I was enjoying another Tennessee favorite—the Jack Daniels, and I was crying in it,” he chuckled.

At Outsider, we applaud Gibson for his efforts in preserving his family’s historic record shop. We too hope it helps keep the monument in business for many years to come.