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Escape to Cabo With Jon Wolfe as He Premieres New Song, ‘Tequila Sundown,’ on Outsider

by Jim Casey
photo courtesy of Jon Wolfe

Jon Wolfe will release his new studio album, Dos Corazones, on September 1. A staple on the country charts in Texas for more than a decade, Wolfe crafted the new album amid the 2020 pandemic as he escaped to West Texas with a group of like-minded go-getters, including producer Dave Brainard, songwriter Tony Ramey, videographer Mason Dixon, and photographer Jeremy Thomas.

For 11 days, the creative team holed up in an adobe home in Terlingua, Texas, amongst the Chihuahuan Desert. The majority of the reflective 17-song album was created there, along with complementary photography and video elements.

Wolfe hopes the album’s sonic and visual components serve as a multi-sensory “experience” for fans, the same way the actual creation of the album was for him and his team.

Ahead of the album’s full release on Sept. 1, Wolfe will be rolling out “chapters” of the project over the course of the next two months. Wolfe will release Chapter 1, consisting of four songs on June 30. He will drop Chapter Two on Aug. 4.

‘Tequila Sundown’

Jon Wolfe is premiering his new song, “Tequila Sundown,” with Outsider on June 29, one day before its inclusion as part of Chapter One. Inspired by Jon’s his friend Tomas and his favorite bar in Cabo San Lucas, “Tequila Sundown” was penned by Wolfe, Tony Ramey, and Dave Brainard.

“Tequila Sundown” is a coastline smile of contentment, full of breezy lyrics, warm guitar strums, and spirited horns.

“I’ve been taking trips down to Cabo San Lucas for about the past 11 years,” said Jon Wolfe. “It’s a place that has become a home away from home for me. A constant in my life, but also an escape from my day to day. I just love everything about the Baja. When it comes to a shot of tequila and a cold cerveza, I like to sit in my favorite bar, Usual Suspects, and chat with my good friend and bar owner, Tomas. I watch the fishing boats come in, listen to the crazy tourists, watch the sunset, and forget about the cares of the world. Simply put, this song was written about my favorite bar in an old Baja beach town.”

Of course, Jon helped craft and launch his own brand of tequila, Juan Lobo Tequila, in 2019 in Austin, Texas. The spirit was flowing during the team’s 11-day stay in Terlingua.

“Maybe I’ll see Cabo someday,” added producer/co-writer Dave Brainard. “But in the meanwhile, getting to help paint it through Jon’s eyes, from writing to recording ‘Tequila Sundown,’ it already holds a special place in my mind, in the shape of an old memory. On a not-so side note, all the Juan Lobo we partook in during the creation of it definitely didn’t hurt either.”

Listen to “Tequila Sundown” below.