EXCLUSIVE: Brantley Gilbert Debuts Video of ‘Them Boys’ Acoustic Rendition

by Outsider

Them boys don’t know a thing about love, about life… We’re confident ‘them boys’ would know one thing for sure, though: Brantley Gilbert is a star on the guitar. His lyrics and voice are reminiscent of southern life and shared moments of community.

This morning, Outsider.com releases the new acoustic video of Gilbert’s hit, “Them Boys.”

He has released acoustic versions of iconic songs throughout the pandemic’s shutdown of live music. Acoustic renditions of Gilbert’s most recent single, “Hard Days,” and his timeless hit, “One Hell of An Amen,” are both featured on his Youtube page.

The videos are set in his remodeled garage and home studio, which he has dubbed his “Dawg House.”

In an interview with Eye on Veterans, he explains the room named after his favorite college team, the UGA Bulldogs. “It’s just a giant man-cave,” he says. “The bus goes in it, we got some cars going in it and motorcycles … it’s like a game room/showroom/shop.”

Brantley’s man-cave sounds like the ideal place to sing and record a song like “Them Boys.”

The song encompasses the fast-moving, care-free life of young boys. It reminisces on the mistakes made, lessons learned, and hearts broken.

‘Them Boys’ by Brantley Gilbert

The song begins, “Look at them boys in the back of that truck,” as an older Gilbert watches younger boys live out experiences similar to his own youth. He now looks at those young boys who are sharing moments as he did, “Lookin’ back on the times we shared, From rock ‘n roll to these rockin’ chairs.”

He adds the visual of grandfathers on the porch, and how generations pass on conversations through the years. Gilbert knows his grandfather had conversations near-identical to the ones he has now, watching those wild, full-of-trouble boys.

Gilbert then reflects hoping the crazy actions and poor choices are just a chapter in their lives. “I pray it’s just a phase they’re goin’ through, Yeah but what are we gonna do with them boys.”

“Them boys don’t know one thing about life
True love or trouble, struggle or strife
They think it’s all just fun and games
Like laws and rules are balls and chains”

‘Them Boys’ by Brantley Gilbert

The song is a true Brantley Gilbert classic that continues to rile up members of the “BG Nation” when it hits speakers. The BG Nation is his dedicated crew of fans who “don’t just see a star” in Gilbert, but rather, “they see themselves.”

As his public relations team says, “The Georgia native who started as the defiant life-of-the-party can still go ‘til sunrise, but he’s also emerged as something far greater: the leader of a massive tribe of hard-working, fun-loving believers for whom electric guitar-shredding, rapping, and twang can go hand-in-hand-in-hand.”

Watch ‘Them Boys’ New Acoustic Video

So, with no further ado, here is Brantley Gilbert’s new acoustic video of ‘Them Boys,’ filmed in his Dawg House.

Now we’re heading to those rockin’ chairs to sit down and figure out how we can get a Dawg House of our own… Awesome stuff, Brantley!